- Company/ Supplier Review

Company/ Supplier Review


It is possible to create records for supplier/company review and approval within iPassport. This can be achieved via: Laboratory Management -> Companies.

companies located under laboratory management

Before the supplier review section of the system is available, it needs to be turned on via an in-built iPassport preference. This can be found at: Administration -> Settings -> System Preferences -> Company Review Settings -> Enable Company Approvals.

Showing the system preference for enabling company review

By enabling company approvals this will add additional options to the ‘Companies’ module and enables the approval and review process on company/supplier. The ‘Number of days before Company review task activates’ determines how many days before a company review task’s due date is activated and starts sending out reminder emails.

It is important to note that as the company area is not OU specific, anyone with access would be able to see a company review stored here.

To access the ‘Companies’ area of iPassport the system has eight permissions. permissions for the companies area of iPassport

Company Review Process

Once the ‘Enable Company Approvals’ setting has been activated it is possible to review a company. A company review is performed from within the company record ‘General’ tab.

Showing the Company Approval History in the General tab

An ‘Approval Status’ is required before a company review can be completed; these are managed via ‘Manage Statuses’.

Managing Review Statuses

As part of the company review process it is possible to state what status the company is as a result of this review. For example, this could be ‘Approved’ or ‘Rejected’. iPassport is provided without any pre-defined statuses, it is possible for each site to use their own nomenclature.

A review status can be added at any time using the ‘Manage Statuses’ button within the ‘Company Approval History’ area of the company record.

Showing the manage approval statuses lightbox

To add a new status simply enter this in the ‘Status Name’ field and click ‘Save’. All statuses presently on the system would be listed under the ‘Approved Statuses’ section for reference.

To delete a status that is no longer required, click the trashcan icon in the ‘Actions’ column.

Statuses without the ‘delete’ icon are already used. Only unused statuses can be deleted.

Showing the trashcan deletion option for a review status

To exit click the ‘X’ in the top right corner of the ‘Manage Approval Statuses’ lightbox.

Review Company

The ‘Review Company’ option within ‘Company Approval History’ allows a user to review the company at this particular time, while the ‘Schedule Review’ allows a user to set a reminder to review the company in the future.

Clicking the ‘Review Company’ button opens the ‘Company Review’ lightbox.

Showing Review Company lightbox

  • Once a ‘Status’ has been selected a ‘Review Date’ (the date the review was performed on) can be added for this review. This field uses the English date format of 01-12-2017, clicking on the field will display a calendar allowing date selection.

  • A comment needs to be added for the review within the ‘Comments’ field. This utilises a HTML editor, which allows a user to apply simple formatting.

  • The ‘Attachments’ area allows a user to add multiple attachments to the one review record. The attachments can be added either by dragging and dropping them within the prescribed field or by clicking within the field and choosing the file or files to upload.

  • Once the review has been completed it is possible to schedule the next review using the ‘Schedule Next Review’, this area is optional. A user can set the date when the next review should be conducted and assign the review to another user within iPassport. Click the ‘Save’ button once all of the required fields have been populated.

When the review has been scheduled the details are displayed within the header of the company record and the task is issued from the system 30 days prior to the date of the review date set.

It is possible to adjust the activation period for company review tasks within the administration area; it is set in a day value (defaulted to 30 days) within the ‘Number of days before Company review task activates’ field.

If the user requires the task to be issued straight away set the value to ‘0’days. The task is then created immediately however, only activates when the defined period is reached, it can still be seen within the ‘Tasks’ tab, as this defaults to ‘Active Tasks Only’ the ‘Show Pending Tasks’ field needs to be adjusted to ‘Show all pending tasks’.

pending task in task area of the company

Scheduling a Company Review in the Future

Should a review not be required at this time it is possible to schedule a review for the future using the ‘Schedule Review’ button found in the ‘Company Approval History’ section of the company record.

This facility allows for a review to be scheduled on a given date by a user within iPassport. Details of what needs to be considered can be added within the ‘Details’ field.

iPassport does not limit company review tasks, as such it is possible to schedule a review via the ‘Schedule Review’ button while a review has already been scheduled as part of the ‘Review Company’ process. This is not recommended though as it creates a further company review task.

Showing the Schedule Review lightbox and the information on an existing company review task

Searching for a Company Review

When a company review has been performed, the details can be found within the ‘Search Company Reviews’ tab. This area allows a user to search for all past reviews.

Showing the Search Company reviews tab

All results can be exported via the ‘Export List’ option. This exports the search results to a .csv file which can be opened within Excel™ with the search acting as the tool to customise the export. Change the search criteria to export different information.