- Adding questions to a Draft Competency Assessment Template

In the context of assessments, you can create questions like you do in Competency Tests but their usage is slightly different.
As opposed to Competency Tests, Competency Assessments are filled out by the examiner, while observing the candidate.
All questions (and answers in checkbox points) can be edited while the template is in draft state.

Adding questions

  1. Click the Add Question button - this opens the question creation area
  2. Select whether the question is a Checkbox (multiple choice) or a Text type (performance observation) - the default is Checkbox
  3. To upload images (which will appear above the question as a visual aid), click inside the field, You can upload images here - a browser search box pops up
  4. Enter the question in the Question field (some text must always be added, even if the question is contained in an uploaded image)
  5. The way the score is defined for a question depends on whether it is a text or a checkbox question -
  • For text questions, enter a whole number, greater than “0” in the field, Maximum Points Available
  • For checkbox questions, it is possible to add more than one correct answer so,
    – First select if points should be awarded “for all correct answers” or “for each correct answer” from the dropdown menu to the right of the Points field; in all cases, if one incorrect answer is chosen, no points are awarded to discourage candidates from ticking all the boxes
    – Based on the decision above, enter the number of Points that can be earned for each correct answer or alternatively, for answering all correctly (all or nothing); only whole numbers greater than “0” can be entered
    – Enter a Minimum Score if a minimum number of correct choices should be made (e.g., if a question has 3 correct answers, worth a point each, and 1 is answered correctly but the minimum score is 2, the candidate will get 0 points awarded)
  1. Tick the checkbox under Allow Attachments if you want the candidate to add a file that supports their answer
  2. Tick the checkbox under Mandatory if you always want this question to be asked (when you have a large pool of questions)
  3. For text questions, Guidance for the Examiner can be entered in the field provided
  4. Click Save Question
  • for checkbox questions, this leads the user to the “answers” section of the question (please see below);
  • for text questions, this completes the question creation (please see additional information in the Text Questions section)

Checkbox (Multiple Choice) Questions

Multiple choice questions are intended for the candidate to answer and not as a means of marking the candidate’s performance/skill. As stated above, if one wrong answer is selected, no points will be awarded, even if some correct answers were selected too.

To add answers:
10. Enter an answer in the Answer Text field (some text must always be added, even if the answers are contained in uploaded images)
11. Tick the checkbox under Is Correct if this is a correct answer
12. Add more answers (you can have more than one correct answer)
* You can remove individual answers by clicking the delete (bin/trash) icon on the right
13. Click Finish to complete the current question

Text Questions

Only follow steps 1 to 9 above. No answers need to be added in this type of question.

While in draft form, you can return to add, remove or edit questions in the assessment template. When it’s ready, please refer to the article, Steps Before Publishing an Assessment Template (Advanced Settings)

Re-ordering and Editing Questions

Questions can be edited, deleted or re-ordered after being saved. If ‘Randomise Questions’ is enabled, questions can’t be re-ordered and mandatory questions get moved to the top upon publishing.