- Equipment Permissions

Roles and Permissions for Equipment Management

The permissions related to Equipment in iPassport only apply within the Organisational Units where they are granted. All equipment records must be placed in an OU and users will only have access to equipment records in the OUs where they have the permissions.

The system roles, Equipment Viewer, Global Viewer (excluding admin) and Global Viewer (excluding admin and personnel records), include basic access permissions:

Equipment:Create Reports
Equipment:Search Equipment
Equipment:View Equipment
Equipment:View History
Equipment:View Print History

The three system roles, Equipment Editor, Global Editor (excluding admin) and Global Editor (excluding admin and personnel records), include all of the permissions above plus the following:

Equipment:Change Organizational Unit
Equipment:Create Equipment
Equipment:Delete Check Types
Equipment:Delete Maintenance Types
Equipment:Delete Received Conditions
Equipment:Delete Types
Equipment:Edit Check Types
Equipment:Edit Equipment
Equipment:Edit Maintenance Types
Equipment:Edit Received Conditions
Equipment:Edit Types
Equipment:Link To Records
Equipment:Print Equipment
Equipment:Remove Links
Equipment:Report Breakdowns
Equipment:Schedule Maintenance Events

There are several ways to interrogate what permissions are used in roles with the search facilities available.
Here is one method of finding out which roles carry a given permission and then, whether they are used in a given OU:

1. Navigate to Administration > Roles > Search Roles
2. Click in the Permissions field and start typing the name of a permission
3. Click the desired permission when it appears in the dropdown menu (it can be scrolled)
All the roles that include the permission will be listed below
4. Click in the OU field and select an Organisational Unit to interrogate
The results below will narrow down to the roles which carry the permission and are being applied in that OU

The next article covers Creating New Equipment Records.
Introduction and Searching for Equipment