- Reagents & Materials Management

Reagents & Materials Management


iPassport has dedicated modules for the management of Reagents and Materials and an optional feature for batch and stock management can be enabled by request. Most of the information in this user guide is shared by both modules.

Information needed to manage and reorder stock can be kept in each record, using the comprehensive set of parameters available when the batch and stock management feature is enabled. All the information (such as ‘supplier’ or ‘cost’) can be updated at any time.
It is possible to add minimum stock warnings and stock expiry warnings in each reagent and material record.
Expired batches which cannot be re-certified can be destroyed.
iPassport- Locations can be assigned to specify where materials and reagents are stored or used.

The additional batch and stock management feature provides two extra tabs in each module, one for searching stock and the other for adding stock.

The Reagents and Materials records will also have an extra tab to view ‘Inventory’ levels and transactions and to produce reports.


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