- Risk Management

Risk Management

Editorial Note

The risk module is undergoing a staged development so that customers can have access to a working tool early and additional features can be added in successive development sprints. This user guide is being updated accordingly and newly added features will be included following the developments.


The Risk Module has been developed as a standalone tool which can be used to create risk assessments on any topic. They can relate to content within iPassport or they can be used to independently assess external information or processes.

  • There are tools to design risk assessment ‘Configurations’ and set the parameters and rules for different types of risk assessments. These can then be used repeatedly on new assessments which require the same parameters.
  • Additionally, once a risk assessment is populated, it can be saved as a Template which can also be used repeatedly to perform new assessments on related topics.
  • Parameters and the language they use are fully configurable so that the information and scores can be interpreted correctly and easily.
  • Risk items are added directly to any existing risk assessment as it’s being built. They can then be used as part of a template in other risk assessments.
  • Risks can be reviewed and mitigation can be considered to bring the risk below an acceptable threshold. Multiple reviews can be performed in accordance with the principle of continually striving to reduce risks.
  • Risk Assessments are built in a spreadsheet format which offers a great degree of flexibility so that the end result can be configured to look and behave like pre-existing assessments developed in tools like Excelâ„¢.

The iPassport Risk Module provides a central place where all risk information can be kept and managed in a secure cloud environment which can be accessed from anywhere.

Accessing the Risk Module

The risk module can be opened from within iPassport by navigating to the Quality Management menu.

Clicking the Risk Assessments sub-menu will open a new tab in the same browser. All the matrix and parameter configurations, as well as risk assessments can be created and managed in this separate tab.


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