- Updating Risk Assessment Configuration

Updating Risk Assessment Configuration

Updating existing Risk Assessments after publishing new configuration version

Sometimes it may be necessary to update a risk configuration that is currently being used by some risk assessments to either add new fields or remove the existing ones. Once you update and publish the new risk configuration you’ll have to tell the existing risk assessments to start using the new config.

To do this, open the assessment you want to upgrade and you should see the following banner at the top of the assessment:

Before you can upgrade the assessment you’ll be shown the changes and their impact on the current assessment

You can then review the changes and if you’re happy to move forward with the upgrade you can just click on “Upgrade to version X”. The system will take care of removing or adding fields to the assessment for you.

Viewing migration configuration migration history

All changes during configuration migration are recorded and can be viewed in the Version Migrations tab.

Reverting to previous version of risk configuration

If you didn’t intend to migrate the assessment to the new configuration you can revert it to the past config at any time. Any data lost during the upgrade migration will be restored when you rollback the config.

  1. To revert the configuration back, open the Version Migration tab and select which version you want to rollback to.
  2. Then click on the Show Migration Detail
  3. Click on the Revert to Version X
  4. Before the assessment will be reverted you’ll be given a chance to review the changes
  5. When you’re happy with the rollback plan just click on the Revert to Version X button again and the assessment will be reverted to the selected version

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