- Risks Tab in iPassport

Risks Tab

The Risks tab in iPassport allows you to manage risks assessments related to the system that you’re viewing. At the moment, the tab is only added to Non-Compliances and Internal Audits modules, but it will be rolled out to other areas of the system following customer feedback.

Creating a Risk Assessment

The functionality within the Risks Tab is very similar to the way you can create Risk Assessments in the standalone Risks module. The only difference is that the risk assessments created within the Risks Tab will be automatically linked to the record on which they were created on and the default OU of the assessment is set to the OU of the linked record. You can change the OU of the assessment if you think a different OU is a better fit.

If you have not read the user guide on how to create risk assessments you can read it here.

Setting Risk Assessment as Primary

Within the Risks Tab you’ll be able to set one of the assessments as “Primary”. The first assessment added in the tab will be set as primary by default. After more assessments are added you will be able to change which assessment is “Primary”, but the system will require that at least one assessment is “Primary”.

The “Primary” flag is meant to indicate that this risk assessment describes the item itself. The assessment risk score will apply to the linked item.


The Risks Tab uses the edit permissions of the object the assessment is linked to, so if the user can edit, say, a non-compliance then they will be able to edit risk assessments linked to it.

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