- Risk Assessment Templates

Risk Assessment Templates

Creating a Risk Assessment Template

Creating a template from a populated risk assessment is easy.

Simply open the risk assessment to be used as an assessment template to its Overview tab and click the Save As Template button.

The screen refreshes to show the new template. A banner across the top makes it clear that it’s not an assessment.

The risks on the table will carry any actions applied to them but no residual risk reviews will make it across to the template.
Assessment templates can be edited in the same way as risk assessments.

Using Templates to create new Risk Assessments

When templates are used to create new risk assessments, any residual risk reviews added to the template won’t make it across to new assessments either.
Assessment templates can have long lists of risks and when they are used in a new risk assessment, the relevant risks can be selected and the rest can be hidden and ignored. Any column header can be used to filter which risks to display.

Additional information on completing assessments can be found by returning to the section, Performing Risk Assessments.

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