Release Notes v3.4.17



Version 3.4.17 adds a number of small improvements to iPassport.

Competency Tests: Allow more than one correct answer

For multiple-choice questions it is now possible to allow candidates to score points for each correct checkbox selected, even if they have not selected all correct options.

(Ref: IV-10125)

Competency Tests: Display Most Recent Tests per User

Rather than display all Tests issued in the system the Competency Test and Assessment search filters will now only display a candidate’s most recent attempt by default.

Tests - Latest Version filter

This makes it much easier to see the current state of tests and assessments.

(Ref: IV-11338)

Allow Equipment skills to be re-issued

Once a user has completed an equipment skilled task this can now be re-issued. This feature could be useful if staff are required to refresh their knowledge of equipment periodically.

From the Skilled tab simply click the refresh icon next to the desired user to generate a new skill task.

(Ref: IV-10836)

We have added the ability to generate links to attachments. Links can be given to non-iPassport users allowing them to download the attachment without having to log into iPassport. Access to all attachment is recorded and can be accessed via a history icon next to each attachment.

Attachment Links

Attachments have also been made available when accessed in Simple View.

(Ref: IV-11143 & IV-11144)