Release Notes v3.3.5


Data Protection and Privacy

As part of the EU General Data Protection Regulation

We’ve updated our Privacy Policy and the privacy tools within iPassport.

On the 25th May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) replaced the 1995 EU Data Protection Directive, this represents a significant change in legislation. GDPR strengthens the rights of individuals with respect to personal information.

These changes are mandatory for all iPassport accounts which handle personal details about any EU citizens. The expectation is that similar regulations are likely to be adopted the world over in the near future, we therefore recommend all customers consider these options now in preparation for the likely regulation changes.

Genial Compliance Systems Ltd are committed to helping quality management systems around the world become better. As part of system growth within iPassport and support of the changes in EU data protection we have released new features within iPassport and updated our Privacy Policy.

GDPR places obligations on how personal data is handled, to assist with this we have built a number of new tools in iPassport.

  • We’ve introduced a new privacy by default setting which is set at the highest level on users added to the system on/after the 26th May 2018. Users can log in and change who can see their personal details within iPassport. Existing users can access the preference and adjust as they wish.

  • To change your privacy settings navigate to Profile (top right of the screen) -> click on ‘View My Staff Profile’ -> click on the pencil/edit icon by ‘Restrict visibility of these fields to’ and the dropdown will reveal four options:

    • Anyone with appropriate permissions to view them
    • Site Administrators and Key user in my OU
    • Site Administrators Only
    • Only you (default for new users)

Restrict visibility of these fields to

  • There is a new profile deletion request function (right to be forgotten). This allows personal information, not required for the operation of iPassport, to be removed upon verification of a request.

  • There are some things we can not remove from the system as these need to be maintained to ensure continuity of audit trails. What’s not deleted:

    • Name (First & Family)
    • iPassport activity
    • Access to personnel records is to be recorded and visible within the system.
  • To facilitate this we have introduced a new site administrator function, these site admins will automatically have the ability to do ‘anything’ on iPassport.

As part of the v.3.3.5 release Genial Compliance Systems will set the initial site admin to whomever is presently designated as the main site contact on your account. To check who this person is, go to the ‘Contact Support’ area after the 26th May 2018. If the Site Admin is incorrect then please contact support on [email protected]. Please note that going forward the iPassport support team is unable to administer Site Admins.

At least one site admin must be assigned. Admin can then add further site admins by navigating to Administration -> Users -> Find and select the user -> Click on the Pencil icon by ‘Site Admin’ and select ‘Yes’. Hover over Administration and ‘Site Admins’ should be available, users can also be added and removed as site admins here.

  • Along with this we have extended the OU contact function and we can now identify key users in each OU and link staff members to specific OUs. This is part of an initiative to allow users to be linked more closely with OU’s. We will be expanding this feature in the near future. This information can be set in the user record under ‘Default OU’ and can also be seen in the ‘Contact Support’ feature.

  • Any user can also request what information we hold for them, once the request has been verified we are able to process the information for you.

  • We’ve also taken the opportunity to provide you with a few more tools within the Administration menu of iPassport. These focus around searching for user groups, roles and permissions associated with them. Hopefully improving this area of the system significantly for all that use it.

If you have any constructive feedback or would like the ticket numbers please email [email protected]

Thank you for being part of the iPassport family,

The iPassport team

Validation Documentation

  • Click here for Personal information visibility - validation test