Release Notes

  • Release v3.4.15 (09-Sep-2019) Revert Docs to Draft an Delete Additional Record Types
  • Release v3.4.2 (16-Feb-2019) Simple View & Restyling
  • Release v3.4.1 (24-Nov-2018) Competency Assessments, Competency Test Improvements, Contact and Staff Leave Controls
  • Release v3.4.0 (01-Sep-2018) Document Review Process, Change Requests, Document Owners, CAP Standards Importer
  • Release v3.3.5 (26-May-2018) Data Protection and Privacy
  • Release v3.3.4 (24-Mar-2018) Competency Expansion
  • Release v3.3.3 (10-Feb-2018) Password Complexity and Security
  • Release v3.3.2 (06-Jan-2018) Improvements to Non-Compliance functionality
  • Release v3.3.1 (02-Dec-2017) In Browser Editor