Release Notes v3.6.4


Our development team has continued to work on our new Risk Management module and it won’t be long before it becomes available! Along with that development, the team continues to address small useful improvements, bugs and infrastructural work to maintain the health and security of iPassport. This release brings enhancements to improve your experience in common activities within the system. They are detailed below.

Add company contacts directly from ‘Company’ records (IV-18812)

It is now possible to link contacts to a company directly from the company record’s ‘Contacts’ tab.

Option to make new documents require a ‘Document Owner’ (IV-16579)

Document owners play a key role in maintaining documents up to date. When owners are assigned to documents, the system has someone to notify if a document is requiring attention.
To promote the use of ‘document owners’ in iPassport we have left enabled this new preference to make the field, ‘Document Owner(s)’ required when creating new documents. Users who prefer not to use this feature can disable it in the ‘Document Control’ area of ‘Organisational Unit Preferences’.

Allow Qualifications to be edited after task completion (IV-18787)

The ‘Staff Qualifications’ module is increasingly being adopted by our customers but it was needing some improvements to allow managing the records more efficiently. A common issue was that staff would enter an incorrect date, upload an incorrect file or would like to come back and upload additional files to a submitted qualification record. Their managers were having to delete the record and start again. It is now possible to edit submitted qualifications to fix mistakes or add information.

‘OU’ and ‘Tags’ filters added to the ‘Locations’ search area (IV-12741)

Customers who have a large number of locations in their account can now manage them more easily with added search filters to identify which locations are associated with a given organisational unit or tag.

Open documents awaiting authorisation with metadata hidden by default (IV-18067)

We had reports of users who were getting confused when they opened a document awaiting their authorisation. The document preview would be out of view and the screen displayed the document’s metadata. The ‘document details’ area is now automatically collapsed so that the document content is readily available for inspection once authorisation is requested.

Remove truncation of document name in search results list (IV-17768)

In some document lists, such as the ‘Documents’ tab in skilled groups, document titles were unnecessarily truncated, making it harder to identify them. We’ve used the spare room to display as much of the tile of documents with long names as possible.

Bug fixes

We also continually release bug fixes and performance improvements to some areas of the system. For more details on the bugs fixed, please see the iPassport Change Log’, which can be found under ‘Help > About iPassport’.

Updated Guides