Release Notes v3.6.3


While the development team is mostly working on an exciting larger project in the background, small improvements and bug fixes continue to be addressed and this release brings some useful enhancements in the Non-compliance, Skilled Groups and Controlled Documents areas.

Adding documents to skilled groups directly from the document

It is now possible to add a document to (or remove it from) skilled groups, directly from the Skilled tab of the document. The same permission required to manage skilled groups applies (‘Skilled Groups:Manage Skilled Groups’).

Searching for Non-compliances with no ‘Root Cause’

It wasn’t easy to determine which non-compliances were missing a root cause, so a new search filter has been added to isolate them in the ‘Search Non-Compliances’ tab.

Document Inactivation

When a document version was inactivated, only the selected version was affected and previous versions were left active, sometimes causing confusion. The system will now offer the choice of inactivating all previous versions together with the selected version. The logs have also been improved to provide more accurate feedback.

Bug fixes

We have also included a number of bug fixes and performance improvements to some areas of the system. For more details on the bugs fixed, please see the iPassport Change Log’, which can be found under ‘Help > About iPassport’.

User Guides

Updated Guides

  • Non-Compliance - details about searching for non-compliances without a root cause
  • Skilled Groups - details about managing skilled groups from other records