Release Notes v3.6.11


Release Notes v3.6.11

For this release we have upgraded the importer tools for Documents, Users, Equipment and Materials. New technologies allow us to provide more intuitive and friendly tools to work with when you need to create many records in iPassport.
Our Quality team has also been working hard to attain ‘NHS Data Security and Protection Toolkit’ certification. This document is now available on demand from the ‘Help > Resources’ tab so you don’t need to prepare questionnaires to verify our compliance in this area.

Small Improvements

Upgraded Importer Tools

The improved importer tools have features which simplify the process of importing records in bulk with the help of an Excelâ„¢ sheet. It is no longer necessary to convert the populated Excel files to CSV; the system accepts Excelâ„¢ files. It is also better at handling different date formats. These two factors were a common source of frustration for customers, when preparing data to import multiple records.
Additionally, the new importer tools provide features to help you fix data problems more easily in the staging area, prior to completing an import.

Validation Certificate

To help customers comply with regulatory requirements, the link below produces a certificate of our validation of the software released in this version, in accordance with our own ISO certification and guidelines:

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