Release Notes v3.5.1


Staff Qualifications

iPassport v3.5.1 introduces a new Staff Qualifications module.

Qualifications can be defined within the system then either manually added to a staff member’s profile by an administrator or the staff member can be tasked with confirming that they hold the qualification. On completing a qualification task the user can be required to upload their certification as proof.

Expiry dates can be set, requiring staff to acknowledge that they hold an updated qualification when their old certification is about to expire.

Staff Qualifications are all part of our plans to pull together all aspects of competency within iPassport. Over the coming months we will be adding qualifications, competency tests and assessments to skilled groups. We will also introduce a competency matrix, allowing admins to drill into your data and easily identify areas where staff have not met all their required competencies.

For more details of this release please see the user guide

Minor Improvements

Restrict visibility of staff profiles based on Default OU (ref. IV-11618)

If a staff member has a default OU set then view/edit access to their staff profile record will now be limited to admins with permission to manage staff profiles in this particular OU (previously this permission check was not OU specific, meaning admins with permission to manage staff profiles in any OU could do so in all OUs).

This small improvement is in line with our plans to better utilise the staff member Default OU field.

New User Guides

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