Release Notes v3.5.2


This is a maintenance update, mostly built around back-end improvements. However, there are a couple of small updates in here…

Minor Improvements

Enhanced Competency Security Checks (Ref. IV-12493)

We have added restrictions on who can see assigned competency tests and assessments based on the candidate’s Home OU. Previously a user with permission to view tests (on any OUs) could see tests for all candidates across the account. Customers have requested that this be locked down to only those users with permission to view tests in the candidate’s Home OU.

Additional Account Settings (ref. IV-12097)

We had a few account settings which could only be managed, on request, by the iPassport team. We have moved these to Administration / Settings / System Preferences / Miscellaneous Settings so you now have control.

User Timeout Period

Enables the number of minutes of inactivity after which a user will be automatically signed out.

Default Time Zone

Allows you to set the default time zone of your account. This will have been set up for you when your account was created but if you need to change you can now do so.

Display Note on Login Page

This allows you to add a custom note to the iPassport login page. Note that there are two fields here…a textbox for you to enter the text and also a checkbox to enable or disable the note.

OU Index Generation (ref. IV-12283)

We have changed the way we handle the generation of index numbers. Previously we used an account-wide counter, accessible via Administration / Settings / System Preferences / Index ID Settings.

Being set at an account level meant that index numbering was not concurrent within an OU. For example, two documents created in OU-A may ave the indexes “OU-A-1” and “OU-A-2”. Creating a document in OU-B would generate document “OU-B-3” then the next document in OU-A would be “OU-A-4”.

We have moved the index generation settings to Administration / Settings / Organisational Unit Preferences / Index ID Settings (at the bottom of the list). From now on index numbers will be generated at the OU level.

Allow Bi-Weekly Maintenance Periods (ref. IV-12715)

It is now possible to set the frequency of equipment maintenance events to bi-weekly.

Updated User Guides