Release Notes v3.3.4


Competency Expansion

Version 3.3.4 brings with it a significant update to the competency management area of the system:

To mark a ‘Text’ question you must have the permission:

Competency:Mark Competency Tests- Mark/Grade competency tests with text based answers.

This permission is already built into the ‘Competency Editor’ Role.

permission to mark test

Text Based Answers

  • Navigate to Competency -> Test Template -> Create Template -> Add a Code and Title -> click Create.

You will now see a ‘Question Type’ field.

new question layout

Change the ‘Question Type’ to ‘Text’ and the ‘Guidance for the Examiner’ field will display.

You can type information here to help the examiner mark the question.

Question Type to Text and Guidance for the Examiner field appears

Question Points

  • The ‘Points for correctly answering this question’ is the maximum number of points.

points for answering question correctly

Points are clearly displayed when a user is taking the test and when the test is being marked.

Points displayed when taking a test

When a user answers a checkbox question they will be awarded maximum number of points when they select all correct answers and 0 otherwise. For text answers, the score is assigned by the examiner. They can give any number of points between 0 and the maximum score set for that question.

Assign an Examiner

assigning an examiner

When creating a test you can assign an examiner. Click on the pencil icon and a select a user(s). Even if the user is not selected as the examiner but still has the permission to mark a test they can navigate to Competency -> Tests -> List Tests and mark tests that are ‘Awaiting Marking’.

Tests awaiting marking

  • Task to Mark the Test

Once the Test has been completed the examiner(s) should receive a task to mark the test. This task can be found in the ‘My Task’ area of iPassport and the ‘My Task’ side bar.

task to mark the test

If several users are selected as an examiner then all will be tasked but whoever marks the test first will cause any outstanding tasks to be invalidated. Only one person can actually mark the test.

  • Marking a Text Question as the Examiner

The examiner will be able to view the question, the user’s answer, the ‘Guidance for the Examiner’ information, the ‘Score’ (max number of points) and be able to enter their comments in the ‘Examiner’s Comments’ field.

marking a text question as the examiner

The examiner will score the answer out of the maximum number of points and click ‘Save’.

message appears when mark a question

Once the examiner is happy that all ‘Text’ questions have been marked click the ‘Submit Test’ button at the bottom of the test.

submit test after marking

A message will appear ‘The test marking has been submitted’. A Pass or Fail status will be given to the test along with the score’s percent and how many points were correct out of the total number of points available. The ‘Pass Score’ is shown underneath.

test marked with score shown

Symbol Key

For each marked question a symbol will be shown. These symbols mean:

  • A green tick with a green circle around means the max amount of points were awarded.

full marks

  • A green tick with no circle means the answer was part correct. The examiner awarded some points for the ‘Text’ answer.

part correct

  • A white cross in a red circle means the answer was incorrect and no points were awarded.

incorrect answer

If you have any constructive feedback or would like the ticket numbers please email [email protected]

Thank you for being part of the iPassport family,

The iPassport team

Validation Documentation

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