Release Notes v3.3.2


Improvements to Non-Compliance Functionality

We are every excited to tell you that the Non-Compliance area of iPassport has been improved and enhanced.

Notification on login of New and Overdue Non-Compliances

It is now possible for you to activate a summary of new and due Non-Compliances when logging into iPassport.

light box message about non-compliances

This is a user preference, activated by going to Profile (top right of the screen) -> Preferences -> Non Compliance Notification.

preference area

Clicking on this row will take you to the ‘Non Compliance Notification’ area. Here you’ll find a list where you can select which OUs you want to see Non-Compliances for.

Select OUs

Inspection Prep - Non-Compliance Actions

There is a new tab in the Inspection Preparation area.

Inspection Icon

This area allows quality managers to keep track of any outstanding Non-Compliance actions. The quality manager can close, verify and delete actions en masse and can also follow up individuals by sending reminders that these actions must be completed.

Active NC Actions

In the Actions tab of a Non-Compliance, if you create a new ’not completed’ action the system will now automatically create a task for you to complete the action. This means there is now no requirement for you to create a task as well as an action which should simplify the whole process.

Navigate to the Action tab of a Non-Compliance:

action tab in nc

The system will allow a task to be unassigned, allowing it to be accepted by any user.

By completing a Non-Compliance action or associated task now closes both items. There is no longer a requirement to close the action and then close the task.

Root Cause Analysis Metric

There is a new graph in the Metrics area showing Non-Compliance by root cause over time.

metric in top header

metric graphy

Category of Non-Compliance

We have added a customisable ‘Category’ field to non compliances.

adding a new nc

The category can be managed by editing a Non-Compliance and clicking the spanner icon next to the Category field.

create a new category

Origin Option for Non-Compliances

We have added an ‘Origin’ field to Non-Compliances, allowing you to specify how the Non-Compliance was raised. This is fully customisable but if a Non-Compliance is raised via the external form ( the origin will be listed as ‘External Form’.

origin in nc

Show Non-Compliance Details in Header

We have now added information to the Non-Compliance header so key details are available at a glance rather than having to navigate around the various tabs.

header of NC

In the Non-Compliance General tab, we have made the area where you can link and view standards much more obvious and accessible. You can navigate back by using the History window.

standand in nc

Standard can only be added once, but there is no limit on how many different standards are added.

Remedial Action Taken

For Non-Compliance we have an Actions tab where we record all actions taken.

actions tab

In previous versions of iPassport, when you created a Non-Compliance some corrective action had already taken place. You had to create the Non-Compliance then go to the Actions tab and create the Corrective Action record. 

We have made this easier by allowing you to enter corrective action at the point where you create the Non-Compliance.

Go to the screen to create a Non-Compliance and scroll to the bottom. There is a check box saying ‘Immediate or Corrective Action Taken’. Check this to open up fields allowing you to state who performed the action and what happened.

Immediate/ Corrective Action Taken Check box

Immediate/Corrective Action Taken Check box more fields

Option to Require Final Sign off on Non-Compliance

We have introduced a workflow so it is possible to select a user to have a final sign-off when a Non-Compliance is ready to be closed. 

Validation on Close By check box

This can be set up on the Non-Compliance General tab ‘Validation on Close By’ or when the Non-Compliance is marked as Compliant (open an Non-Compliance and select ‘Set as Compliant’ in the dropdown box).

Set as Compliant in dropdown

If a verifier is selected a light-box will show with the ‘Request Validation From’ populated with the persons name. Click ‘Request Verification’. The Non-Compliance goes into a ‘Pending Verification’ state and the verifier is tasked with confirming that the Non-Compliance can be closed.

pending verification

The verifier will see this task:

task for verifier


Material Tracking

We have added a Location column when you search for Material Stock. Navigate to Laboratory Records -> Materials -> Search Material Stock.

location column in material

Controlled Document Search for Date Range Selector

We have expanded the controlled document search area to include a date range and filter option for searches such as:

  • The date the document was created. This refers to the creation date of a specific version.
  • The document’s next review date.
  • The date the document was superseded.

Controlled Document search with dates from and to

We hope you find the system more accessible due to these improvements, if you have any constructive feedback or would like the ticket numbers please email [email protected]

Thank you for being part of the iPassport family,

The iPassport team

Validation Documentation

P.S. Please click here for Non-Compliance Action Inspection Preparation.

Click here for Non-Compliance Final Validation.

Click here for Non-Compliance Immediate Action Validation.

Click here for Non-Compliance Notification.