Release Notes v3.4.15



Version 3.4.15 gives you the ability to delete more types of content from iPassport.

Revert Authorised Document to Draft

A new ‘Revert to Draft’ option has been added to the actions menu of authorised documents. If a document is published in error it is now possible to quickly and easily undo this authorisation. If the document has a previous, superseded version this would once again become Authorised.

Allow Deletion of Additional Types of Records

It has previously not been possible to delete certain types of records in iPassport. We have opened up this feature so users with “Records:Delete Records” permission can now delete the following additional content types:

  • Non Compliances
  • Internal Audits
  • External Audits
  • Incident Reports
  • Training Events
  • Distribution Lists

This can be performed by opening the record and selecting the Delete option from the Actions drop down menu.

New User Guides

Validation Documentation

  • Click here for Deleting Content (including reverting authorised documents to draft)