Release Notes v3.6.10


Release Notes v3.6.10

This release brings improvements to iPassport for automatic index generation, an optional module for document retention management (Expiry Date), a new feature to automatically assign tests upon confirming having read a document, and some improvements to ‘Competency’ permissions.

Small Improvements

Added ability to automatically assign a test when a user confirms having read a document (IV-21985)

You can now make staff prove they have understood the content of a document which they have been tasked to read, by making them complete a quiz on the subject. This is simply done by associating a relevant Competency Test to the document in its ‘Skilled’ tab. When the staff member clicks the ‘Confirm’ button of their skill confirmation task, the system will immediately bring up the related quiz, which they’ll need to pass to earn the ‘skill’.

Added the ability to manage the expiration and deletion dates of collections of documents (IV-21981)

In some locations, documents must be retired and subsequently deleted after a given period in existence. You can now manage the rules for given types of documents in a central place. Given the sensitivity and associated risk with this tool, it is only available as a plug-in module, which we can enable upon request.

Improved Automatic Index Generation numbering strategies (IV-19777)

iPassport uses sequential numbers when automatically generating indices to ensure each index is unique. Over time, customers have pushed this feature to produce ‘families’ of documents which share the same index recipe. Traditionally, the system would start off from the last number used to generate any index under the same OU, leaving gaps in the numerical sequences of indices with the same recipe. It is now possible for the system to fill these gaps and use the next sequential number in each different index recipe, even within the same OU.

Fixed inconsistencies in ‘Competency’ permissions (IV-9790)

Improved the scope of the permissions which relate to Competency Tests and Assessments. There were some inconsistencies in what some permissions allowed viewing or doing.

Validation Certificate

To help customers comply with regulatory requirements, the link below produces a certificate of our validation of the software released in this version, in accordance with our own ISO certification and guidelines:

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