Release Notes v3.6.7


Release Notes v3.6.7

In this release the risk module continues to receive functional updates. We have also added some small improvements and fixed a small bug relating to the permissions around companies.

Risk Module Developments:

Added the Risks tab to Non-Compliances and Internal Audits (IV-20402)

As we expand the Risks module it was a natural fit that the risk assessment should easily link to the records in iPassport. We have now added the tab where all the risk assessment linked to the iPassport record can be viewed. At the moment the Risks tab is only available for non-compliances and internal audits, but we’ll roll it out to other records when we receive more feedback.

Added the ability to manage Risk Assessment within the Risks tab inside iPassport (IV-20403)

The Risks tab allows users to add, edit and delete risk assessments linked to the record the user is viewing. The user does not require the Risk module permissions to be able to add the risks. The user does need the permission to edit the iPassport record the assessment is linked to.

The Risks tab allows the full functionality available in the standalone Risks module but all the assessments are automatically linked to the iPassport record.

You can also view the assessment created in iPassport’s Risks tab in the Risks module app.

Added the ability to mark one assessment linked to iPassport record as Primary (IV-20407)

When viewing the Risks tab in iPassport the user will have the option to mark one of the assessments as primary. This is to indicate the importance of the assessment in the context of the record.

Added the functionality to upgrade the existing Risk Assessment to use the newer version of the Risk Configuration when it becomes available (IV-20091)

As the customers continue to work on improving their processes it’s inevitable that at some point the Risk Configuration will have to be updated to reflect the new process. We have added the ability to update the version of the configuration the assessment is using to bring any changes made to the template.

Once you publish the new version of the risk configuration you can open an existing assessment that uses the old configuration, you’ll be given an option to view the differences between the two versions and upgrade the version if you’re happy with the changes.

Small Improvements in other areas:

Renamed the Name field on Non-Compliances to Title (IV-18851)

This small improvement changes the field name on non-compliances to better reflect the purpose of the Title field.

Added the Reports tab to Skilled Groups (IV-18653)

Some of our customers found that the export of the Skilled Group search results was not working for their purposes. We have now added a standalone Reports tab that allows exporting groups with either users or documents to help with reviewing the groups content.

Added alternative scoring methods to competency tests and assessments when scoring the checkbox questions (IV-18200)

Two new ways to score competency tests was added. At the moment there is only one way to score the answers for the checkbox type question. To allow more flexibility we have added two more scoring options.

The default scoring mechanism will be the current scoring. We named it Severe. The options are now as follows:

  • Severe - if the user selects one wrong answer they get 0 points (current iPassport scoring strategy)
  • Moderate - each incorrect answer selected will subtract points from the question’s score. Each incorrect answer takes away (question’s max score / Number of incorrect answers)
  • Lenient - the user gets max score for selecting any correct answer; if they select all answers, they get 0 points

Added a new CSS styling framework (IV-20695)

This improvement is adds new tools to help the iPassport development team to manage the way iPassport looks. You may notice subtle changes in the way some elements are displayed, like the drop-down boxes and buttons, but in general the system should look and feel the same.

Started rollout of a new report generator (IV-20772)

For years iPassport used TeX to generate most of it’s PDF reports and this served us well for a very long time, but it has it’s drawbacks that became apparent when the datasets grew larger. We’re now testing the new solution to see how it stacks up against the old giant.

Currently, the only PDF print converted to use the new tool is the “Print” action in the Equipment and Non Compliance areas.

Bug Fixes

IV-20815 - Fixed the issue where a user without the permission Companies:Edit Companies was able to edit company reviews and set the company as inactive

We release bug fixes as soon as they become available, but since this issue related to permission checks we felt it was better to allow customers to validate the change before it goes out.

Validation Certificate

To help customers comply with regulatory requirements, the link below produces a certificate of our validation of the software released in this version, in accordance with our own ISO certification and guidelines:

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