Release Notes v3.6.5


Our development team has worked hard to complete our initial offering of our new Risk Management module, with the participation of a focus team of customers, who have lent their expertise to provide feedback and help shape the product. As usual, some time has also been devoted to address small useful improvements, bugs and infrastructural work to maintain the health and security of iPassport. This release brings enhancements to improve your experience and security. They are detailed below.

Organisational Unit Preferences can be copied to other OUs (IV-12108)

iPassport has a growing list of preferences which increase the power to customise and streamline processes. For customers who have many OUs in their accounts, it is now very easy to propagate preference changes across multiple OUs.

Two Factor Authentication with Authenticator app (IV-20076)

It is now possible to use an authenticator app for two factor authentication login. Two factor authentication was already available in iPassport but the validation code had to be delivered by email. You can now log in more quickly by getting the validation code from an authenticator app on your mobile. The setup is easy, using a QR code.

Clarified who creates ‘skill confirmation’ tasks (IV-19585)

There have been multiple support requests to explain why a user who is no longer in an organisation or department, appears as the creator in reading assignments (skill confirmation tasks). Since many of these tasks are recurring, system generated tasks name the person who originally set them up as the creator.
To make this information clearer, when viewing ‘skill confirmation’ tasks within iPassport, the ‘Assigned By’ field is labelled as, ‘Recurring Task, Originally Assigned By’.
The notification emails sent to staff members who have skilled tasks will explain it this way: “Reading assignments for this ‘document type’ were originally set for you by ‘user’. This one was system generated on ‘date’."

Authorisation Request changes now require a comment (IV-19776)

When authorisation requests are edited if for example, the authoriser or due date need changing, it is now required to justify the action and this information is logged in the History tab (and the Reviews/Feedback tab) of the document.
It is not possible to modify or delete authorisation requests generated from a publishing workflow as the place to do this is within the workflows themselves.

Staff Qualifications can be ordered by index (IV-19946)

A small but helpful addition - when searching the ‘Staff Qualifications’ tab, the results can be ordered by their index.

Bug fixes

We also continually release bug fixes and performance improvements to some areas of the system. For more details on the bugs fixed, please see the iPassport Change Log’, which can be found under ‘Help > About iPassport’, or by clicking the version number next to the iPassport logo in the header area of the screen.

Validation Certificate

To help customers comply with regulatory requirements, the link below produces a certificate of our validation of the software released in this version, in accordance our own ISO certification and guidelines:

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