- Viewing Skills & Skilled Tasks

Viewing Skills and Skilled Tasks

There are several places where skill records and skilled tasks can be viewed and managed:

Viewing Skills in Controlled Documents

If any document has skilled staff members, they will be listed under its tab, Skilled. The tab also displays a count of the staff currently added, in brackets - Skilled(5).

There is a search area that includes the following filters:

  • Search - a free text field where names of users can be entered (even partially)
  • Status - options include:
    • All Active Skills
    • All Skilled Users - added as Trained Staff or Untrained staff and have completed the task and it has been verified (when applicable)
    • All Unskilled Users - have outstanding skilled tasks, were skilled on previous version but not on the current one yet, rejected skills, pending verification or invalidated skills
    • Confirmed - added as Trained Staff or Untrained staff and have completed the task; doesn’t include ‘awaiting verification’ (when applicable)
    • Unconfirmed - either haven’t completed the task or it’s ‘awaiting verification’
  • Start Date and End Date - the results can be limited to a range of dates for the Completed Date

On the right of the search area there is a pie chart that shows the percentage of skilled and unskilled staff when hovering over the red and green areas. This chart can be printed or saved as an image (PNG, JPEG) by clicking the context menu icon next to it.

If any users don’t have permission to access the document, a banner under the search area will display the message, “Staff members have been assigned who have no access to this document.”. These users will have a yellow warning triangle by their name.

The list of skilled staff members can be printed or exported as a CSV file. The relevant links appear in the header area of the list (Export List and Print).

Skilled Staff Actions

The Actions column displays different icons according to the status and nature of the skill.

  • Clicking the magnifying glass opens a lightbox which will be different if the skill is confirmed or unconfirmed. In both cases, Comments and Attachments can be added.
Confirmed Unconfirmed
  • Confirmed tasks can be reissued at any time by clicking the ‘recycle’ icon with two arrows in a circle.
  • Members added as individuals can be deleted by clicking the ’trash/bin’ icon. If the skill is confirmed, the user will lose the associated skill in their staff profile when it’s deleted from the document.
  • By clicking the ‘groups’ icon, the skilled group(s) that connect the user to this document will be displayed and can be clicked to navigate to them.

Viewing Skills in Staff Profiles

Any user can view their own staff profile by clicking My Profile in the sidebar menu. This opens to the User Details tab, which has the link, View My Staff Profile.
Staff Profiles can also be accessed by navigating to Personnel Management > Staff Profiles > Search Staff. Only staff with Home OUs that the user can access will be searchable.

The user’s skills can be viewed by clicking the Skills tab. The number in brackets denotes the number of records (including documents, equipment, reagents and materials), regardless of the number of versions and associated skills for a particular document - Skills(7). If a document is superseded before a user has confirmed their skill, its status becomes ‘invalid’. Skills can be deleted by clicking the trash/bin icon in the Actions column. Skills that have an attachment will display a paper clip icon next to the document/record title.

The search area has a number of filters and options:

  • Search - free text can be entered to locate a document by index or name

  • Status - one of the following can be selected:

    • ‘Blank’ - includes all statuses below, except ‘Rejected
    • Awaiting Confirmation - task issued but not completed by user
    • Confirmed - user added either as Trained Staff or as Untrained staff and has confirmed the task
    • Invalid - task has been invalidated because the document version was superseded before the user completed the skilled task
    • Rejected - the user rejected the task rather than completing it
    • Revoked - the user confirmed the task (and it was verified, if applicable) but it was revoked by another user later
    • Superseded - a task of the same version was reissued, making the previous one obsolete
    • Unconfirmed - the user hasn’t completed the skilled task
    • Verified - the verification step has been completed with approval
    • Verification Rejected - the verifier rejected the skill
  • Date, is after and is before - these fields allow searching a date range; the Date field can be set to when the tasks were Issued or Completed

  • Skill Type - filters skills from Documents, Equipment, Reagents or Materials

  • Document Type - only shows if the skill type, Document has been selected; the search can then focus on Policies, SOPs, Health and Safety Documents, etc.

  • Attachments? - filter skills which have attachments, those which don’t, or all skills (blank)

  • Show inactive items? - three choices are offered: ‘Exclude Inactive Items’, ‘Include Inactive Items’ or ‘Show Only Inactive Items’

    Please note that in this context, ‘Inactive Items’ includes inactivated records and also, documents which have been superseded.

  • Show Deleted Items? - this allows the search to ‘Exclude Deleted Items’ or ‘Include Deleted Items’; deleted items are displayed with a ‘forbidden’ icon (🚫)

A report of the search results con be produced by clicking, Print List. Any attachments will be listed under the associated skill.

Viewing Skills in Personal Skills tab

The Skills tab, found by clicking My Profile (in the left sidebar) is personal, not available to other users. It contains the same filters and information as the Skills tab in staff profiles, above.

Viewing Skilled Tasks in Controlled Documents

Every controlled document record has a Tasks tab where skilled tasks can be viewed.
The search filters available include:

  • Search - free text can be entered to locate users
  • Task Type - select ‘Skill Confirmation’ from the dropdown menu
  • Task Status - Filter tasks by their status; the choices are, Completed, Due, Overdue, No Due Date, Invalid and Pending (‘Pending’ refers to tasks that have been created but not issued to the user yet)

Viewing Tasks in Skilled Groups

When documents have been added to a skilled group, iPassport then adds a task to the Tasks tab in the skilled group (as well as the other Tasks areas in this article). A task is set for each of the users who are not yet skilled on the current version of that document.

To view the tasks in a skilled group, open the skilled group record (via Competency > Skilled Groups > List Skilled Groups) and click the Tasks tab. Here it is possible to view the status of each of the tasks associated with the skilled group arranged in controlled document order.

The search area includes the following filters:

  • Search - free text field to locate documents by index or name
  • Document Status - options are: All (‘blank’), Draft, Authorised, Under Review, Pending Release or Superseded
  • Document Active - options are: All (‘blank’), Active or Inactive
  • Assigned To - start entering a name and select it from the dropdown list when it appears
  • Deleted - options are: All (‘blank’), Deleted or Not Deleted
  • Status - the same options as listed for the Status filter in the section, Viewing Skills in Staff Profiles above
  • Completed Between, And - set date range for completion date by clicking the fields and choosing a date from the pop-up calendars
  • Due Between, And - set date range for due date by clicking the fields and choosing a date from the pop-up calendars

The status for each user against each document is displayed and is updated as the task progresses. A magnifying glass icon in the Actions column, opens a lightbox which shows details of the task and allows adding Comments and Attachments (such as evidence the user has completed it). In the same column, tasks that have been confirmed and not reissued yet will show a ‘reissue’ icon (two arrows in a circle). To reissue one or multiple tasks, select them by ticking the checkbox in the left column and click the Re-issue Selected Task button (ticking the checkbox in the header area, selects all eligible tasks). Then, simply click, the Re-issue button in the lightbox that pops up, which lists the skills selected. The search area in this lightbox does not select or deselect any tasks. Once a new skill is reissued, the original one becomes ‘superseded’.

Verification Step

When a verification step is enabled in the OU Preferences of a document’s OU, once the task is completed by the skilled staff member, it will show the status, “Awaiting Verification”. It is the skill which gets verified, rather than the task, so verifiers must perform this step under the Skills tab of staff profiles or, the Skilled tab of documents involved or in the dedicated tab, Skill Verification. Both the staff profiles and documents can be reached from this page if the user has permission to access them. They will display underlined as a hyperlink that can be clicked. The article, Verifying & Managing Skills provides more detail about this.

Viewing Skilled Tasks in the Tasks area

Users can view skilled tasks assigned to them and to others from the global menu, Tasks. There is a dedicated tab for tasks assigned to the user (My Tasks) and another for all users that the person logged in has permission to view (Users Tasks). Depending on individuals’ user preferences, they will also receive an email notification for each newly created skill task. For details on how to find skill confirmation tasks in this area, please refer to the user guide, Users’ Tasks. Set the filter, Task Type to, Skill Confirmation.

Viewing My Tasks in the Sidebar Menu

By simply clicking the My Tasks icon in the sidebar menu, due tasks will be displayed. Skill confirmation tasks have the label, Read. Please refer to the section, Completing a Skill Task in the user guide, Getting Started for additional information.

Task Creators

This tip addresses a frequent support request:

F.A.Q.: “Why do users who are no longer in the department or organisation appear as the ‘creator’ in skilled tasks?"

Skilled tasks are often recurring either because a new version of the related document has been authorised, or because a frequency has been set to ensure the knowledge is fresh. The system displays the name of the user who first set up the skilled task for a particular staff member and document, as the creator of that task and any subsequent ones.
Therefore, whoever adds a staff member to a skilled group or to the ‘Skilled’ tab of a document, or whoever adds a document to a skilled group, will become the person named as the creator of skilled tasks for that staff-document combination going forward.

To make this information clearer, when viewing ‘skill confirmation’ tasks within iPassport, the ‘Assigned By’ field is labelled as, ‘Recurring Task, Originally Assigned By’.
The notification emails sent to staff members who have skilled tasks will explain it this way: “Reading assignments for this ‘document type’ were originally set for you by ‘user’. This one was system generated on ‘date’."

To change the person who appears as the creator of recurring tasks, another user can remove the document or staff member (either from the related skilled group or from the ‘Skilled’ tab of a document, if the task originated there) and add them back again. The user who performs this operation will appear as the task series creator from then on. The system will avoid reissuing tasks to those who have a current confirmed status and don’t need to read the document again.

The last article in this series covers Verifying & Managing Skills.