- Risk Items Configuration

Risk Items Configuration

Risks Tab Configuration

The Risks tab, like the Overview Tab, is a fully customisable area where different types of fields can be included to produce a form with all the information required to describe and document a given risk item from within an assessment. This tab is populated by default with more fields than the previous tab but they can be edited in the same way.
Information can be entered/selected within the fields to test the form but it won’t be saved.

In addition to all the tools available in the Overview Tab to add, remove, customise and arrange fields, there are sections at the bottom for Actions and to Review Residual Risk.

Section: Actions

Actions can be used to mitigate a risk and attempt to reduce it to an acceptable level. If actions are not being implemented to treat and remediate risks, this whole section can be disabled by clicking the slider button by the title.

In this section, the labels of four fields can be configured, two of which can be disabled by clicking their slider button:

  • Reference - a system generated reference number for the action
  • Action Title - the name of the action
  • Action Description - explains what the action is intended to accomplish (this field can be disabled)
  • Link Action To - actions can be linked to iPassport controlled documents or equipment records (this field can be disabled)

Section: Review Residual Risk

If Actions are used to reduce a risk, a review of the residual risk can then be performed. The system allows for multiple residual risk reviews, according to the actions applied and it keeps a history of all the iterations.

In this section, the labels of three fields can be configured, all of which can be disabled by clicking their slider button:

  • Residual Detection Criteria - optional field to enter the steps taken to identify residual risks
  • Residual Risk Comments - optional field to add comments about the residual risk review
  • Residual Mitigation Notes - optional field to add risk mitigation notes

There is a Save button always present in the bottom right corner of the screen to save progress at any time.

More information on how ‘Actions’ and ‘Residual Risk Reviews’ operate will be found in the article about Managing Risks.

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