- Skill Management

Skill Management


Skill confirmation tasks (also simply referred to as, “skilled tasks”) provide a way for users to confirm they have read and understood a particular version of a controlled document. Their supervisors can then verify this action if required and the users will have records of the skills they have earned under their staff profile.

There are two ways to add skilled staff members in the system - as a stand alone list within a single controlled document or as part of a Skilled Group. Skilled groups allow including multiple documents (for multiple users) so the process of managing who should read which documents becomes far more streamlined and efficient over time.

Once the skilled user list is set-up on a particular controlled document or skilled group, each time a new version of a controlled document is released, iPassport automatically sends out a new skilled task to those users. The system can also re-issue skill confirmation tasks for the same version of a document at user defined intervals. This provides a way of ensuring users refresh their knowledge periodically. The system monitors if a user already has a valid (not expired) skill and avoids creating a new skilled task when it’s not required.

The following article covers the Permissions & Settings required to manage skills and skill confirmation tasks.