- Managing Staff Profiles

Managing Staff Profiles

Searching Staff Profiles

When navigating to Personnel Management > Staff Profiles, the Search Staff tab opens by default.
The permission, “Staff Records:Search Staff Records” gives access to the search area and the permission, “Staff Records:View Staff Records” allows viewing and opening individual staff profile records.

A search area provides the following filters to help locate a staff record quickly:

  • Search - this field accepts free text; it tries to match the ‘Name’ and ‘Username’ of staff as text is entered

  • Home OU - only the organisational units in which the user has permission to view staff records will be listed

  • User Login? - this field has three choices, ‘blank’ to select all staff, ‘With User login’ to select staff who also have a user record and ‘Without User login’ to bring up staff who don’t have a user record

    When a staff member has a user record, the ‘Actions’ column will display a person icon; clicking it will jump to the corresponding ‘User’ record.
    If a staff member does not have a user record, the ‘Username’ column will provide a link to create this record when applicable: ‘No User Created (Create)’.

  • Active/Inactive - toggles between the two states to filter out staff who have been inactivated

  • Order Results By - the results can be ordered in the following ways:

    • Name (Surname A-Z) (default)
    • Name (Surname Z-A)
    • Username (A-Z)
    • Username (Z-A)

Staff Profile Actions

The Actions dropdown menu in every staff profile record provides several options according to the user’s permissions and the staff member’s current situation.

Create User Account

If a staff member does not have a linked user account, the system will always try to facilitate creating one. The Actions dropdown menu will offer the option, ‘Create User Account’. When selecting the option and clicking Go, only a Username will be required in the lightbox which pops up.

The system will create the user record and the staff member will become a regular user within the system. An email with login credentials will be sent to the user.

Staff profile records can be printed in PDF format to produce a report of an individual’s current data in the system. The report can include all the ‘skills’, tests, completed and scheduled courses of the staff member. The permission, “Staff Records:Print Staff Records” is required to see this option.

All prints of staff records are logged and can be traced by selecting the ‘Print History’ option in the ‘Actions’ menu. The permission, “Staff Records:View Print History” is required to see this option.

Set Staff as Inactive

Following the logic described in the Introduction, in most cases staff profiles and user profiles should be managed together. Therefore, when a ‘Staff Profile’ wants to be inactivated, the system will prompt the user to also inactivate the ‘User’ record.
Inactivating only the staff profile while leaving the User record active, will allow the person to log into the system and participate in some activities, such as being eligible as a document author. They will be able to complete general tasks and review feedback tasks assigned to them, as well as participating in noncompliances and Change Control projects. They won’t be available for selection in skill confirmation tasks, competency tests or assessments, training courses or qualifications.

Inactive staff records will have the Actions option, ‘Set as Active’ to reactivate the staff member’s record if necessary.

View Time Owed

Sometimes it’s necessary to return or grant additional holiday time to a staff member. The Action, ‘View Time Owed’ displays any additional time (over normal holiday allowance) which has been given to the user and allows granting additional time when required.
For example, if a staff member does not use up all of their approved leave, the unused time can be returned here. Each addition is listed at the bottom of the lightbox and can be deleted if needed.

The Leave tab in the user’s Staff Profile will show any time owed as well but it can’t be edited there.

Time owed can only be added in the current holiday period so if it’s being returned, it should be added before the period lapses.

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