Release Notes v3.3.1

iPassport We are very pleased to announce the addition of document editing to iPassport. You can now edit most of your documents directly in iPassport, without the need to download and upload procedures (though you can continue to use the Procedure tab if you choose to).

In Browser Editor

The document-editing feature has been in development for some time now so we are really excited to be making this available for you to use.

Let’s explore what it does…

  • Firstly, open a draft document and you should now see this button: Edit Button

  • Clicking it will open up the editor, which should look and feel very much like Microsoft Word. Here you can edit text, add images, pages, tables and do most other things you would expect to do in Word.

Below we’ll go through how the editor works, including what happens in the ‘oh no I’ve closed without saving’ scenario…

Saving your Changes

  • A message should display whenever you save the document indicating that the save was successful (or display an error if the document could not be saved). Saved Message

  • You can then click the X button to close the Editor. X Button

  • If you make changes to the document and try to close the editor without saving then the system will inform you that there are unsaved changes. Unsaved Changes Message

  • You have the opportunity to either drop the changes or go back to the document and click the Save Changes button. Save Changes Button

Auto Saving

  • Any changes you make to the document are auto-saved in the background every two minutes.

  • Auto-save is purely a safeguard for lost connection or accidental browser closure. In these events, when you next click ‘Edit document’ the system checks to see if an auto save file exists and if so it gives you the opportunity to recover or discard it.

  • Please do not rely on auto-save to save your work!

  • You should try to get into the habit of clicking on the Save Changes Button often. Save Changes Button


  • Only one user can edit a document at any given time. When a document is being edited it is marked as checked out and nobody else will be able to edit the document or upload a new version via the Procedure tab.

  • A note is displayed stating that the document is checked out and to whom.

    • For example: If you open the procedures tab, then someone starts editing the document and then you try to upload a new procedure, the system will block you and tell you that the document is being edited.
  • The document is unlocked/checked in when the user closes the editor. In the event of the editor not closing correctly (if the browser is closed without saving, for example) the lock will be released after two minutes.


  • The editor works with most .docx and .doc files. It will also try its best to edit .pdf source files but you may experience mixed results here.

Change History

  • We don’t keep a record of every single time you edit a document but we do save the latest changes for each user in the procedure tab.

  • For example, user A makes 5 edits to a document. In the procedure tab you will see User A’s latest changes. Now if User B edits the document you will see User A’s document in the procedure history and User B’s latest changes show as the current source document.

How to Enable/Disable the Editor

It is possible for an admin to enable/disable in-browser editing for your site.

  • The new preference is accessed under Administration -> Settings -> Organisational Unit Preferences -> Document Control -> Check or un-check Enable online document editing. Preference Enable Online Document Editing

Other Changes in this Release:

  • On both the Procedure and Bench (SOP only) tabs we have replaced the “View” column header with “Download” and the magnifying glass icon replaced with a download icon. Also, we have updated the style on the Remove Bench button.

Bench Tab

Procedure Tab

Please Be Patient

As this is a brand new addition to iPassport, you may experience some intermittent issues such as slow response times. Please don’t give up. Let it rest for a few seconds and try again. The development team will be tweaking the Editor over the next few weeks to match the way it’s being used, so you should see improvements over time.

We hope you enjoy this new feature, if you have any constructive feedback or would like the ticket numbers please email [email protected]

Thank you for being part of the iPassport family,

The iPassport team

P.S. Please click here to download the Validation Documentation.