Release Notes v3.6.9


Release Notes v3.6.9

This release brings a few usability improvements to iPassport and a new Skilled Staff Importer.

Small Improvements

Added a Users’ Home OU search filter to the Users Tasks tab (IV-20427)

This new filter allows searching tasks assigned to all users with the selected Home OU. Supervisors and managers can now bring up tasks assigned to their team if they are all grouped under the same Home OU.
We have also updated the search screen look and feel to make it easier to find the relevant tasks.

New Default Landing Page for all users (IV-19400)

When the ‘Simple View’ mode was added, a dedicated ‘Home’ page was created for it. It provides a friendly landing page which we thought should be available in ‘Detailed View’ as well, since it gives you a quick view of your iPassport tasks and upcoming events in the system.
To present it and make it readily available, we have defaulted the landing page for all users to this ‘Default Landing Page’ but you can quickly revert to your favourite home page or change to another home page you might prefer. The release notice for v3.6.9, which will pop up automatically when you log in after this release, will include a button to opt out of the default landing page and revert to the home page defined in your personal preferences (navigate to ‘My Profile > Preferences > Left Menu Bar and Home Page’ and adjust, ‘Set default screen’).

Added ability to resend the welcome email to a user who has not yet logged into the system (IV-21119)

This functionality allows admins to send iPassport’s “Welcome” email if the target user has not yet logged into the system. It was already possible in the ‘User Importer’, to choose to hold back the welcome email, with credentials to log in, which all new users receive. It is now possible to send out the welcome email later, when you are ready, without having to contact iPassport support.
It comes in handy when you want to import users but not send out the login details immediately, for example, when setting up a new account or when you have new employees and you want to first set up other records for their department, before they are allowed to log in.

Moved the tooltip to show on the right side of the roles when editing User Groups (IV-21929)

When selecting roles for a user group, the tooltip showing the role’s description was appearing below the mouse cursor, covering the next roles on the list and making it cumbersome to find and select them.
We have moved the tooltip to the right to keep it out of your way when updating a user group.

Added a Skilled Staff Member Importer to allow adding users to currently published documents when migrating data into iPassport (IV-21979)

This new addition allows you to import skilled staff members to existing documents in bulk. It is already possible to add users as ‘already skilled’ to the ‘Skilled’ tab of a document (so their status appears as ‘confirmed’, which indicates they have read the document). A typical example would be document authors - it’s unnecessary to task them to confirm they read the document they wrote.
You can now add multiple ‘skilled’ users to the ‘Skilled’ tab of multiple documents in one operation.
This tool is mainly intended to allow new customers to onboard their users quicker, preventing new staff from having to complete skill confirmation tasks for documents they had already read before they were added to iPassport.

‘Document Download Links’ was a new feature introduced at the start of 2022, which proved to be very popular for customers who wanted to add self-updating links of public facing documents to their websites or to other material. Other customers discovered it was a great tool to share documents with other organisations but in this case, they needed to include the cover page.
We listened to your feedback and added the ability to include the document’s cover page in the PDFs produced for these links.

Rename Document Correction Preference (IV-15740)

For a long time the preference to enable or disable Document Correction on a document was called “Allow minor change for that OU” which did not match the name of the actions it was enabling. We have updated the name of the preference in ‘Administration > Settings > Organisational Unit Preferences > Document Control’ to make it clearer what it relates to.

Added preference to allow including the title of a document in the filename of ‘Prints’ (IV-16790)

By default, the filename of PDF files delivered when a document is printed only includes the index and the version, to keep the path short. The title of the document can be included in the filename, to make it more descriptive, if the preference, ‘Include the document’s title in the filename of prints’ is enabled.

Added a banner at the bottom of the iPassport screen to indicate to customer support when a customer’s site is being accessed. (IV-21133)

We have added a banner that is visible exclusively to iPassport support staff to make it clear when a customer account is being accessed, as opposed to a local test account.

Validation Certificate

To help customers comply with regulatory requirements, the link below produces a certificate of our validation of the software released in this version, in accordance with our own ISO certification and guidelines:

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