Release Notes v3.4.0


Change Requests

It has always been possible to ask colleagues to review a document for accuracy and provide feedback. iPassport 3.4.0 adds a “Request Change” feature, allowing anyone who has read access to the document to submit a change request at any time.

Request Change button

Users are able to submit multiple change requests, which can be individually approved or rejected.

Request Change lightbox

The user reviewing the change request now has the option to approve a change for the future. This can be used for minor changes which are not serious enough to warrant going through the process of creating a new version of the document but could be addressed when the document is next updated. Instead the document owner will be reminded of any ‘approved for future’ changes the next time a draft version of this document is created and will have the option to action the change at that point.

To find out more about Change Requests please refer to the User Guide

Enhanced Document Review Process

Our main focus over the last two years has been on usability. We’ve been working hard to make iPassport easier to use and more intuitive. With that in mind we have overhauled iPassport’s document review process, adding more control over what happens when a document’s review date approaches.

Review Settings Button

In iPassport v3.4.0 it is possible to identify a list of people who need to review the document when its compulsory review is due. Everybody on this list will be sent a review feedback task and asked to check if changes to the document are required. If all reviewers agree that no changes are needed then the document will be marked as having been successfully reviewed and the next review date set without the need for any manual intervention.

Document owners (and any additional key people you choose) are notified of what is happening throughout the review process.

For full details please refer to the user guide

Document Owners

We’re introducing the idea of document owners. These are key people who will receive notifications when anything happens to this document. It is possible to change owners on individual documents or to a collection via the controlled document search screen.

Re-Styled History and Feedback/Reviews tabs

The History and Feedback/Reviews tabs have been updated to make it easier to access historical data for each document.

Feedback Tab

Summary of Changes in this Version

A field has been added to allow notes to be entered outlining what has changed between versions. Details of any approved change requests will be used to populate this field but the text can be edited. These notes are sent to all staff on the document’s reading list when they are notified that a new version has been released.

CAP Standards Importer

Customers using CAP standards will now be able to import these checklists into iPassport yourselves. What’s more, when importing a new version of a standard/checklist, iPassport will identify what has changed between versions and allow you to decide if links, statuses etc. should be copied over from the previous version.

Standard Version Comparison

New User Guides

Validation Documentation