- Document Change Requests

Document Change Requests


Users can request changes to a document at any time. iPassport ensures that the appropriate people are notified and the request goes through an approval process. Changes can be approved immediately, in which case a new draft version of the document should be created in order to incorporate the change. Minor changes, which do not need to be actioned right away, can be approved for a future version of the document. This allows small changes to be ‘parked’ until the next time a draft version of the document is created.

It is also possible create a Feedback Review task, asking a user to review the document and state if any changes are necessary.

A user can request one or multiple changes to the document at once. There is no limit on how many changes can be requested and each request will be individually approved or rejected.

Ad-hoc change requests

If a user identifies a mistake or area for improvement in a document they can submit a change request by clicking the Request Change button on the document’s General tab.

Clicking the Request Change button will open the Request Change lightbox. To submit a single change simply enter the details into the Change Request #1 field then click Submit.

Request Change lightbox

To submit multiple change requests click the Request Another Change button for each of the changes to be submitted. Clicking Request Another Change opens up a new text area allowing additional changes to be entered.

Request Multiple Changes

Any user having access to the document can request a change at any time. No additional permissions are required.

Changes From Review Feedback

Changes can be requested after a user completes a Review Feedback task within iPassport.

If, after reviewing a document, a user decides that the changes are needed they can click on the Request Changes button when completing their task.

This will open a lightbox where the user can describe whatever changes they think are necessary. As above, multiple changes can be added by clicking the Request Another Change button.

Request Change from Review

When requesting changes it is good practice to submit one change per change request rather than bundling several changes together. An example of a bad request would be “Please change x and y and z”. In this case these should be entered as three unique change requests. This allows whoever is reviewing the requests to approve or reject them individually.

Approving and Rejecting Change Requests

When a change is requested, Document Owners and members of the document’s Review Notifications List will be notified by email. Only document owners will be tasked with reviewing the requested change. The task will appear in user’s “My Tasks” sidebar and also in the Tasks area of iPassport.

If the document has more than one owner all owners will receive a task and will be asked to verify the change request. However, only one person can actually review the request. When any one of the users approves or rejects the change request, the system will clean up any tasks sent to other document owners by invalidating them.

If a pending change request exists then any user having (Doc Type):Manage Review Tasks permission (including the document owners) will see the details of this change on the document’s General tab, along with easy to access tools to Approve, Approve for Future or Reject the request.

It is also possible to review changes and see the complete list of all change requests for this version of the document via the Feedback / Review tab (naming dependant on locale).

When reviewing a change, the user must decide if the change request should be rejected, approved or approved for a future version.

Reject Change

This discards the change request but maintains a record of the request along with any rejection comments for audit purposes.

Approve Change

Approving a change indicates that the change should be actioned without delay. A new draft version of the document should be created to incorporate this change. All Document Owners will be informed that a change has been approved and will be presented with options to easily create a new draft version of the document.

Approve For Future

The Document Owner can also approve a change for later. This acknowledges that this change is required, but it does not need to be implemented immediately. Approved for Future changes can be considered as being ‘parked’ until the next time a draft version of this document is created. At that point the change will be carried over to the new version of the document and the Document Owner will see that a change has been approved for a future version.

When viewed in the Feedback / Reviews tab (naming dependant on locale) any user with (Doc Type):Manage Review Tasks permission (e.g. SOP:Manage Review Tasks) has the opportunity to include the change in this version or reject it if the change is no longer required or relevant.

Doing nothing will simply allow the parked change to continue to roll forward to future versions of the document until such a time as the document owner chooses to action it.

Changes in this Version

Every document in iPassport has a Changes in this Version field.

This field can be manually edited to provide a summary of changes which is sent to staff members when they are asked to read a document.

Details of any approved change requests (including approval comments) are automatically entered into this field. These details can be left as-is or can be manually edited/deleted as desired.

Feedback / Reviews Tab

A full history of change requests for the current version of a document, as well as tools to manage them, can be found within the Feedback / Reviews tab. Please note that the naming of this field varies by locale. It is named either Feedback or Reviews and appears directly to the right of the General tab.

Change request verification

iPassport also allows an additional, optional verification step. When a change request is approved it must also be verified (signed off) by the Document Owner(s) or users with (Doc Type):Manage Review Tasks permission (e.g. SOP:Manage Review Tasks).

The option can be enabled on an OU basis via Administration => Settings => Organisational Unit Preferences => Document Control and unticking Disable verification step for the document reviews.