- Change Control

Change Control Module


This module allows managing organisational/operational changes within iPassport.
Amongst other advantages, during an accreditation process it provides an easy path to act upon a non conformity which causes an operational change.

Users (and non-users who have a link to the external form) can submit a Change Control Request which is then triaged. If approved, the change then goes through an implementation phase, followed by an optional follow-up review and an optional verification step. The whole process is task driven.

The Change Control Requests are intended for change management and not to be confused with Controlled Document Change Requests, which are not connected to this module and are covered in the user guide, Document Change Requests.


  • A change control request can be raised either from within iPassport or via an external form.
    (Please see, Submitting A New Change Control Request.)
  • An Organisational Unit is assigned and tasks are issued to the list of users nominated to triage incoming change control requests in that OU. Any single user on this triage list can accept or reject the change; the system automatically invalidates the triage tasks sent to others when someone completes the triage.
    (To set up triage teams, please see, Change Control Settings & Permissions.)
  • The system can calculate a risk level, based on risk management settings which can be formulated for each OU.
    (Please see, Change Control - Risk Management Setup.)
  • If approved, a target implementation date is set and an implementation user is tasked with completing the change.
  • It is also possible to say that the change requires a follow-up review at some point in the future in order to determine what effect it had. If required, a user can be tasked with performing the review at a given date.
  • Finally, there can be an optional verification step (as with non compliances).
    (For the whole workflow process, please see, Managing Change Control Records.)
  • A change control project can be cancelled before it’s marked complete or deleted by relevant users at any time.
    (For information about locating and editing change control records, please see, Searching And Editing Change Control Records.)

The following article covers the settings and permissions related to the Change Control module: Change Control Settings & Permissions