- Cover Pages


iPassport provides all the tools you need in order to create your own custom cover pages. This allows you to include any branding as well as defining which document-specific data iPassport should stamp onto the cover page for each print.

Cover Pages can be configured differently for each organisational unit / document type combination. For example, the information that you wish to include in your cover sheets for SOPs in the Blood Bank OU may be completely different from that used with Policy Documents in the Radiology OU.

iPassport includes a cover page editor which facilitates the creation of cover page templates. These can then be assigned to documents based on organisational unit and document type.

Creating a New Cover Page

This option is available to users with Create/Edit Coverpages permission

From the Administration menu, select Cover Pages then select the New Cover Page tab.

Give your new cover page template a name and (optionally) add a description then click Create Cover Page.

You have now created an empty cover page template. Clicking the Edit Cover Page link will open up the cover page editor and allow the template to be configured.

Upload Cover Page Background

The first step is to upload your background. This typically contains your branding but could also include any text etc. that you want to print on any page.

The easiest way create your background page is to build it in MS Word. Add in any images and static text as you would like them to appear on the cover page then save the file as a PDF (typically done by selecting File / Save As and choosing PDF, but this can change between versions of MS Word).

Back in the Cover Page Editor in iPassport click the Upload Background PDF button in the right menu. You will be presented with a tool allowing you to upload the PDF that you would like to use as the background to your cover page.

The template builder will refresh, with your cover page background displayed:

Now it’s time to add some fields to this page!

Adding Fields to a Cover Page

The Cover Page items tools allow fields and labels to be placed on your cover page.

Select a field from the Label drop down then use the Hide Item checkbox to control if this field should be displayed or hidden. All fields are hidden by default.

Once the Hide Item field is unchecked the field will be displayed on the screen and highlighted in red (indicating that this is the selected field). You can now move this field around on the page, change its font size and establish when the text should wrap onto the next line.

The best approach to building your cover page is trial and error. Set up your fields as best you can (use the Preview option to get a feel for how it might look) then apply the cover page to some of your documents and create a print. You might not get it perfect first time and it may be necessary to return to the cover page editor to fine tune your design

The following fields can be added to the cover page:

Field Description
Title The document’s Title
Subject The Subject given to the document
Code The document’s Index
Version The Version of the document
Authors A comma separated list of all Authors
Release Date The document’s Release/Effective Date
Document Category The document’s Category
Document Type The document’s Type (e.g. SOP)
Authorised By A comma separated list of everyone who authorised this version of the document
Authorised By Signature One The signature of the most recent authoriser of this version of the document (a user’s signature image can be uploaded in the User Admin area)
Authorised By One The name of the user who most recently authorised this version of the document
Authorised By Signature Two The signature of the second most recent authoriser of this version of the document
Authorised By Two The name of the second most recent user to authorise this version of the document
Authorised By Signature Three The signature of the third most recent authoriser of this version of the document
Authorised By Three The name of the third most recent user to authorise this version of the document
Authorised Date The date this document was published
Review Date The document’s next Review Date
Location of Copy The Location of this print
Section The Section selected for this document
Last Updated The most recent change to any of this document’s metadata
Date/Time of Print A timestamp of when the print was created
Organisational Unit Name The OU that this document belongs to
Document Status The Status at the document at the time of printing (e.g. Authorised / Draft)
Number of Copies The number of prints in circulation at the time
Print History This will print a full history of any other prints of this version of the document
Last Reviewed By The person who completed the last compulsory review (the person who closed out the previous review cycle)
Reviewed On The date the last compulsory review of this document took place.
First Version Created On The date the first version of this document was added to iPassport
Document Owners A comma separated list of all document owners

The following Label fields are also available. These stamp a plain text label on the page:

Field Text Printed on the Cover Page
Title Label “Title”
Subject Label “Subject”
Code Label “Code”
Version Label “Version”
Authors Label “Authors”
Release Date Label “Release Date”
Document Category Label “Document Category”
Document Type Label “Document Type”
Authorised By Label “Authorised By”
Authorised By Signature One Label “Authorised By Signature One”
Authorised By One Label “Authorised By One”
Authorised By Signature Two Label “Authorised By Signature Two”
Authorised By Two Label “Authorised By Two”
Authorised By Signature Three Label “Authorised By Signature Three”
Authorised By Three Label “Authorised By Three”
Authorised Date Label “Authorised Date”
Review Date Label “Review Date”
Location of Copy Label “Location of Copy”
Section Label “Section”
Last Updated Label “Last Updated”
Date/Time of Print Label “Date/Time of Print”
Organisational Unit Name Label “Organisational Unit Name”
Document Status Label “Document Status”
Number of Copies Label “Number of Copies”
Print History Label “Print History”
Last Reviewed By Label “Last Reviewed By”
Reviewed On Label “Reviewed On”
First Version Created On Label “First Version Created On”
Document Owners Label “Document Owners”

If you would prefer to use different field labels this can be achieved by adding the labels to the background PDFused in the cover page.

Assigning Your Cover Page

Cover pages are assigned to various content types within an Organisational Unit. More details on this can be found in the Organisational Unit Preferences user guide.

If you would like to apply a cover page to all documents on your entire account this is possible via the Actions menu when viewing the cover page record.

This action cannot be reversed. Please make sure that you really do want to apply your cover page to allow OU / Doc Types across the account before using this feature!