- Maintenance & Breakdowns

Equipment Maintenance and Breakdowns


Equipment pieces can be scheduled for maintenance within the equipment record. It is possible to arrange maintenance weeks and months in advance and it can be set up to happen periodically. The process is task driven to ensure it’s not ignored.
All maintenance scheduled in iPassport is displayed on the calendar and email notifications can be received based on users’ task preferences.

Scheduling Maintenance

To schedule maintenance for a piece of equipment:

  1. Click the Maintenance tab.

  2. Click the [+] Add Maintenance Event link to expand the area.

  3. Select a Maintenance Type from the dropdown menu.
    Maintenance types are user defined; for information on how to manage them, please see below

  4. Select a Due Date from the pop-up calendar provided.
    This is the date when the maintenance should be carried out

  5. Select an Active Date if required from the pop-up calendar provided.
    This is the date when the task will be released to the person assigned; it’s mostly used when the maintenance ‘due date’ is far in the future so the task can be issued closer to the date.

    If an ‘Active Date’ is not set then the maintenance task becomes active as soon as the maintenance event has been created, regardless of how far in the future the maintenance event is scheduled for.

  6. Click the Assigned To field and use the smart search tool to search as you type the name of the person to perform the maintenance. Click the name when it appears in the dropdown menu to select it. Only this person will receive the task but other users can be copied in.

  7. A Priority level can be selected; the default is Low and the other options are, Medium, High or URGENT.

  8. A free text field is available to add a Maintenance Contact Number, which can then be accessed in the maintenance record.

  9. Other users can be selected to receive a notification of this task if their personal preferences are set up to do so. Tick the checkboxes by their names in the multi-select tool marked, ‘Copy users into this task?’.

  10. The Frequency field is set to Non-Recurring by default but it can be adjusted to one of the options provided, which range from Daily to Quinquennial.
    When this maintenance task is completed, the system will immediately generate a task for the next maintenance if the setting is other than Non-Recurring.

  11. The Company field doesn’t accept free text and a company record must be created in the Companies section under Laboratory Management before it becomes available in the search-as-you-type tool.

    If a company is not available on the list then it is not on the system yet.
    To add one, navigate to Laboratory Management > Companies > New Company, where only a name is initially required to create the record.

  12. A Description is required as no default text is added to explain the nature of the task.

  13. Click the Create button to complete the setup of a maintenance event.

An editable record will be available under the Maintenance tab until the task is completed. After that, it will be moved to the Log tab, where all previously completed maintenance tasks are kept.

Managing Maintenance Types

This is one of iPassport’s user configurable list of options which can be edited when the spanner/wrench icon is visible next to the field.

Instructions on how to manage this configurable look-up field can be found by clicking this LINK.

Completing a Maintenance Task

A maintenance task is issued on the activation date entered or immediately, if no activation date is used. This task is displayed (and can always be found) in the Task tab of the equipment record. Like all tasks, it is also visible in the task lists for the user it has been assigned to.

iPassport has some hardwired code to issue advanced notifications for recurring equipment maintenance tasks in subsequent instances, 3 months ahead of the due date.

For Example:

A user set up a yearly recurring maintenance task with an activation date one month ahead of the first due date, which was on February 10, 2018. The assignee got a first notification on January 10, 2018 (letting them know the task was approaching) and then another on February 10, 2018 (letting them know the task was due). For the following year’s maintenance, they got a notification to let them know the task was approaching, 3 months ahead of time, on November 10, 2018, and then a notification on the actual due date, on February 10, 2019.

To complete the task:

  1. Click the Done button
  2. Add comments in the Completed Note field, if required
    When a recurring frequency has been selected, completing the task creates the next event. The Complete Equipment Maintenance Task lightbox displays a note with the next task’s due date.
  3. Click the Next Step button
  4. Attachments can be added by clicking Choose File and selecting one from the browser that opens
  5. Click Upload to complete the attachment addition
  6. Click Complete Task

Completing the maintenance task moves the current maintenance event to the Log tab in the equipment’s record.

Equipment Log tab

The ‘Log’ tab has two sections, Maintenance Events (the default view filter) and Breakdown & Repair. All completed maintenance events are listed in the first section. Clicking on the row or the magnifying glass in the Actions column, allows a user to see further details and any attachments uploaded as part of the task completion.

Recording a Breakdown

To record a breakdown:

  1. Click the Breakdown & Repair filter
  2. Click (+) Add Breakdown Log
  3. Add a Title for the breakdown event
  4. Select dates from the pop-up calendars in the fields, Reported On (Required) and Breakdown Date (dates in the future are not accepted)
  5. Select a user in the search-as-you-type field, Reported By
  6. A Description of the failure must be entered
  7. Attachments can be added by clicking in the dotted rectangle marked, “Click here to add an attachment.” (a browser search-and-select window will open); files can be dragged and dropped in the dotted area as well
  8. Click Save Breakdown

Details of breakdown logs can be viewed using the magnifying glass in the Actions column. If no repair has been reported, a spanner/wrench icon is also displayed and the row is highlighted in pink. A paper clip icon appears in the Actions column when an attachment has been added.

Clicking the spanner/wrench icon, opens the Repair Log light-box, which allows a user to report when the breakdown was fixed. Supporting documents can be attached here as well.

Any attachments added are listed at the bottom of the lightboxes which open when clicking a magnifying glass icon (🔍) in the Actions column. It’s possible to open these lightboxes just to manage attachments and then click the “X” in the top right corner to close them. For more information on the attachment icons, please refer to the user guide, Attachment Management.

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