Release Notes v3.6.12


Release Notes v3.6.12

For this release we have been improving accessibility across the system, as part of our journey to increasingly make iPassport an intuitive and user friendly platform.

This and other work our developers have been doing, is not very visible on the front end of iPassport but you can rest assured that effort and attention is always dedicated to maintain your data secure and accessible. Additionally, work goes on in the background to adopt new technologies and make our product future proof while protecting data and processes held by our long standing customers.

Small Improvements

Improved Accessibility

As part of an ongoing process to improve accessibility in iPassport, three areas have been worked on:

  • Improved keyboard navigation
  • Contrast improvements
  • Screen reader improvements

Validation Certificate

To help customers comply with regulatory requirements, the link below produces a certificate of our validation of the software released in this version, in accordance with our own ISO certification and guidelines: