- Document Reviews pre v3.5.5

Document Reviews before Introduction of Workflows


iPassport makes it easy to ensure all controlled documents are correctly reviewed within the specified time period. When authorising a document the next review date and the review frequency can be set, along with a list of users who should review the document at that time. If these users all agree that no changes are needed then iPassport will mark the document as having been successfully reviewed and schedule the next review date (based on the review frequency). Otherwise, the document owner(s) can decide if a new version of the document should be created when changes are requested.

Configure Review Settings on Authorisation

When authorising a draft document the user is presented with the Authorise Document lightbox (pop-up window). Checking the Set Compulsory Review for this Document option allows the user to configure when the document should be reviewed and what should happen when this review date is reached. This checkbox can be unticked when documents are static; the system will not prompt any reviews but they can be reviewed at any time if required.

Set Review Frequency (months)

Specify, in months, how often this document should be reviewed. iPassport will use this value to calculate the next review date when Automatically Mark Document as Reviewed? is set to Yes, so it will require a value before it can authorise the document.
This also saves having to manually calculate and enter the next review date every time a document is authorised.

Next Review Date

If a review frequency has been set or changed, iPassport will automatically populate the field, Next Review Date with a date calculated using the current date (when the document is being authorised) and the frequency. The date can be manually entered or adjusted by clicking in the field and selecting it from a pop-up calendar.

Changing the review frequency will trigger iPassport to recalculate the next review date.

It cannot be changed once the document is authorised so always check the next review date before clicking Authorise.

Reviewers List

Identify the users who should review this document when it’s review date is reached. As this date approaches iPassport will send Review Feedback tasks to these users asking them to check the validity of the document. These tasks can be viewed in the document’s Feedback/Review tab.

It is possible to request additional reviewers at any time from the document’s Feedback/Review tab by clicking Request Review Feedback.

Automatically Mark Document as Reviewed?

In order to use this option the Review Frequency and Reviewers List must be configured.

When set to Yes, if all reviewers have completed their review feedback and no changes are requested, then the document is considered as having been successfully reviewed. iPassport will complete the review and set the document’s next review date, based on Review Frequency.

When set to No, a user with appropriate permissions will be required to manually complete the review process by clicking Review Document from the document’s Actions menu (even if all reviewers state that the document is fine and no changes are required).

Notification List

By default, Document Owners will be added to this list, whose members will receive updates on all steps in the Document’s review period. These events include:

  • Document review is due/overdue

  • Review Feedback tasks sent to Reviewers

  • Review Feedback tasks completed

  • Change Request submitted

Use the Notification List field to add any additional users who should also receive these notifications.

NOTE: users can modify how they receive review cycle notifications by visiting their profile (My Profile - link in the sidebar) then navigating to Preferences > Controlled Document Notifications.

Manage Review Settings

It is possible to configure what will happen to a document when it reaches its review date at any time via the Review Settings button.

This button is available on draft and authorised documents for users having “:Schedule Reviews” permission.

Clicking the Review Settings button opens the Review Settings lightbox.

  • Next Review Date

The document’s Next Review Date is locked and cannot be set on this screen. This is to avoid the user accidentally using this screen to push the document’s review date forward, effectively missing a review.

To change the next review date of a published document manually review the document using the Review Document option in the document’s Actions drop down.

  • Set Review Frequency (months)

For information on setting the document’s Review Frequency please refer to the Set Review Frequency notes above.

  • Reviewers List

For information on setting the document’s Reviewers List please refer to the Reviewers List notes above.

  • Automatically Mark Document as Reviewed?

For information on automatically completing a document’s review cycle please refer to the Automatically Mark Document as Reviewed? notes above.

  • Notification List

For information on Notification Lists please refer to the Notification List notes above.

The Document Review process

When a document is due for review iPassport will help to guide the user(s) responsible through the review process. Document owners and any additional users listed on the notification list will be notified that the document is due for review within 30 days (default setting).

Document Review Using iPassport Automation

If a reviewers list has been configured for this document then all users on that list will receive a Review Feedback task asking them to check the document and report if any changes are required.

If all users on the reviewers list state that no changes are needed and if the document’s review frequency has been set, then iPassport will automatically complete the review cycle, setting the document’s next review date, based on the review frequency setting.

If changes are suggested then the Document Owner(s) and any users on the notification list will be informed. They then have the options to approve, reject or approve the change request(s) for a future version.

The document cannot automatically complete its review cycle if there are any pending or approved change requests.

If change requests are approved then the user is guided to create a new draft version of the document in order to add changes.

Manually Marking a Document as Reviewed

If the document’s Automatically Mark Document as Reviewed? field is set to No, or if the document has approved or pending change requests, then the document review cannot automatically be marked as complete.
In these scenarios the document must be marked as Reviewed manually.

It is possible to mark an authorised document as having been reviewed at any time using the Review Document options in the document’s Actions menu.

Alternatively, if the document review is due or overdue and the user has permission to mark the review as complete and if no changes have been requested, then the user will be presented with a Set Document as Reviewed button in the Review Summary area.

Review Summary Area

If the document’s review is due or overdue, or if changes have been approved, then the Review Summary Box is displayed. This has been designed to highlight the current status of the document’s review cycle to those users who may be interested in seeing this info.

This is displayed in any of the following scenarios:

  • The current user is listed as a document owner on the document

  • The document is due for review

  • The document has approved change requests

In addition to giving a summary of the review status the Review Summary area also contains buttons to guide Users with appropriate permissions to the likely next step. For example, if changes have been approved, then the user will see a Create New Version button, allowing easy access to creating a new draft document to incorporate the changes.
If the document is in Draft status the user will see a button to Authorise the document.