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Emailing Meeting Minutes

Once a meeting is complete, minutes can easily be emailed from iPassport.

Emailing Meeting Minutes to Attendees

This action can be performed by selecting Email to Invitees from the Actions drop down then click Go.

Emailing Meeting Minutes to Non Attendees

The Email to Contacts option in the meeting’s Actions menu allows the minutes to be emailed to any iPassport contact or Distribution List. Upon clicking Go, a lightbox opens with search filters for contacts and distribution lists.

Managing Meetings

The Actions menu also provides options to:

  • Delete this Meeting, provided the user has the permission, “Records:Delete Records”
  • Duplicate this Meeting - please see below
  • Print the meeting details, including its minutes and attendees
  • View the Print History
  • Set as Completed/Unlock meeting - please see below

Duplicating Meetings

It’s sometimes desirable to use the same or a similar agenda from one meeting in a new one. To allow this, it is possible to duplicate a meeting and then edit the agenda as required. This action is also useful if a meeting that didn’t have a frequency set needs to be held again.
When a meeting is duplicated no attendees are copied over but a distribution list can be created to add the same group of contacts in one step.
The meeting must be active (not completed) to duplicate it.

To duplicate a meeting:

  1. Select Duplicate this Meeting from the Actions menu and click Go
  2. In the lightbox that pops up, enter a date and time (the time is optional) for the new meeting
  3. Click Duplicate Meeting
  4. The new meeting name will have the word, “Duplicated” added to it; it can be edited as required in the General tab
  5. Add invitees and adjust the agenda as required

Set as Completed/Unlock meeting

When a meeting is active (not completed), it can be edited. Once it’s marked completed (Set as Completed), no changes can be made to it. The permission, “Meetings:Complete Meetings” is required for this.
If necessary, it can be re-opened by selecting the option, Unlock meeting. The permission, “Meetings:Unlock Meetings” is required.

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