- User Management

User Management


Only authenticated (logged in) users can access iPassport. The level of access a user has within iPassport is determined by their user group membership.

Each user has a unique username and password combination which allows them to gain entry to the account.

When a user is created on the system, an associated staff profile and contact record are automatically generated and linked. In most cases, the recommended method is to create the user record first and let the system create the staff profile and contact records. It is possible to create contacts or staff profiles independently, for special circumstances, but there is risk of ending up with duplicate records if the user is added later.

Temporary user access can be granted, for example to an external auditor. This user can have limited access to the system (view only access is recommended). When they have finished accessing the system the user can be inactivated. Should they require access again, the user record can be reactivated.


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