- Completion Settings (Adv. Settings)

When a candidate fails an assessment, you can give them the opportunity to re-take it a number of times. In addition, you can set a length of time (in days) from when it is assigned till when the candidates have to complete the assessment and a cool off period (also in days) before they can take the assessment again.

Completion settings

To adjust re-take settings:

  1. Click Re-take Settings to expand the area
  2. Click the edit (pencil) icon under Number of attempts allowed
  3. Type the number (not “0” or decimal) of times the candidate will be allowed to take the assessment; “1” means no re-takes are allowed
  4. Click Save
  5. Click the edit (pencil) icon under Number of days to complete the assessment
  6. Type the number of days the candidate has to complete the assessment; all re-takes must be completed in this period
  7. Click Save
  8. Click the edit (pencil) icon under Cool off Period (days)
  9. Type the number of days (“0” means they can re-take it immediately) before the candidate is allowed to re-take the assessment
  10. Click Save

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