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My Tasks - Global Menu Area

The My Tasks tab opens to the Tasks filter by default. This and the other filters available are described in this article.

Tasks filter

All tasks are listed in this section, including completed ones. It is also possible to view tasks the user has been copied into yet not assigned directly.

Searching Tasks

The Tasks section under the My Tasks tab has the following search filters to help locate any task the user has been assigned or copied into:

  • Quick Searches - click this field to reveal the following dropdown menu:
    • All my due tasks - all not completed tasks listed by due date by default; older overdue tasks appear at the top with the Due date in red
    • All my tasks due in this week
    • All my tasks due in next week
    • All my overdue tasks
    • All my completed tasks
    • All my completed tasks this week
    • All my pending tasks - these are tasks which haven’t been issued yet because they were set to become active on a future date
    • All tasks I have been copied into
  • Order By - the dropdown menu offers these choices:
    • Date (due first)
    • Date (due last)
    • Priority (Urgent first)
    • Type (A-Z)
    • Type (Z-A)
    • Assigned User (Surname A-Z)
    • Assigned User (Surname Z-A)
  • Search Text - a document index or title can be entered
  • Type - all types or a specific task type can be selected; for a comprehensive list of task types, please refer to the Search Tools section of the user guide, Users’ Tasks
  • Domain - the dropdown menu choices are:
    • Any
    • Private
    • Public
  • OU Filter - lists the Organisational Units the user has access to

Clicking any row in the results area will jump to the record where the task was generated.
Alternatively, clicking the task details drop arrow will expand the item to reveal details about the task. Options to complete the task appear at the bottom, including deleting or rejecting the task if allowed.

Documents Due For Review filter

These items are not tasks as such; they are reminders which will disappear when the review cycle of the related document is completed.
Only users added to the notification list of a document will receive these reminders.
Clicking anywhere in the row of a document listed will jump to that record, providing a back button to return to this tab. It makes it easy for managers to monitor progress of the documents they oversee.
The documents listed here also appear in the user’s My Tasks list on the sidebar, marked as ‘Review Due’.

Documents to Authorise filter

When the system preference to ‘Enable option to Request Authorisation’ is activated, users can request authorisation of a document from the person responsible for signing them off. This person, usually a director, can navigate to this page and find all authorisation requests assigned to them in one place.
The process is streamlined to save time - it’s only necessary to click the row of a document on the list (to open the record) and then click the ‘Authorise’ button which shows inside the light blue box under the General tab of the document.

The documents in the Documents to Authorise page also appear in the user’s My Tasks list on the sidebar, marked as ‘Authorise’.

Documents to Approve filter

When documents have been reviewed without any changes it’s often still required that someone signs them off to demonstrate regulatory compliance by periodically reviewing such documents. An approval step can be added to document review workflows and it will be triggered automatically when the review cycle has been completed. The Documents to Approve page facilitates the process of approving multiple reviews in one step and helps keeping track of any missed reviews.

The icons in the Actions column can be used to approve (✓) or reject (x) the review of a single document. Clicking the magnifying glass or anywhere in the row, will jump to the document’s record. A back button is available in the document’s record to return to the Documents to Approve tab after viewing the document. If any actions or further navigating are made from the document, the back button will disappear.

To approve multiple reviews:

  1. Use the checkboxes in the left column to select documents one by one; the checkbox in the header area will select all the documents listed
  2. Click the button, Approve Selected in the top right corner of the document list
  3. In the lightbox that pops up, enter Comments in the field provided if applicable
  4. Click the button, Complete All to approve the reviews selected

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