- Create a Meeting

Meetings can be created by users with Meetings:Create Meetings permission by Laboratory Management > Meetings then selecting the New Meeting tab. The plus sign [+] next to the Meetings sub-menu item is a shortcut to this tab.

The Name and Date fields are required. All other fields are optional.
‘Meeting Types’ and ‘Meeting Statuses’ are user configurable fields. Instructions on how to manage these look-up fields can be found by clicking this LINK.

Special note should be given to the following fields:


Allows reoccurring meetings to be set up automatically. When the meeting is completed a new, future, meeting event will be created based on the selected frequency. The meeting details and invite list will be copied over along with any agenda items which have not been actioned.


The default meeting visibility, Visible to all users, means that the meeting can be viewed by the attendees as well as anyone with Meetings:View Meetings permission. Visibility can be restricted by changing Privacy to Only visible to attendees and the owner.

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