- Staff Profile Tabs

Staff Profile tabs

The Staff Profile record tabs provide reference both for the staff members themselves and for the users who manage them. Information can also be edited in most tabs but it will frequently reflect data added elsewhere in the system.

General tab

The General tab is divided into three sections - a basic user information area at the top, an Employment Information area and an Address Information area.

Some of the general information fields at the top share data from the corresponding ‘User’ record. For example, if the person’s Last Name or Home OU are edited in the staff profile, they will be automatically updated in the user record and vice versa (and also in the ‘Contact’ record if applicable).

Some of the ‘Employment Information’ and the ‘Address Information’ is personal and the user can decide how it can be shared. When a user opens their own staff profile, the additional field, ‘Restrict visibility of these fields to’, is added to provide several options. The user guide, Personal Preference Management supplies additional detail.
All the personal information fields are in the bottom half of the page.

There are two fields of interest in the ‘General’ tab which are not found in the user records - Management Groups and Reports To.

Management Groups

Distribution lists can be created to form the management groups for different staff teams. This is done in the ‘Distribution Lists’ area but once created, distribution lists can be selected to declare the management group(s) of a staff member. These groups will receive all the leave requests of the staff member. The distribution lists must be ‘public’ to be available for selection in this field.
The user guide, Booking and Cancelling Leave has more information about this.

Organisation Charts (‘Reports To’)

iPassport can build organisational charts based on information added in the field, Reports To. Each staff member can be assigned the person they report to and this defines the hierarchy within the organisation. As each staff member’s line manager is declared, the system populates a diagram showing the job relationships and ranks of each employee.
The chart displayed in the ‘General’ tab only shows one level up and one level down with respect to the staff member. Clicking the button, “View Full Tree for …” brings up a lightbox where the full organisation chart can be viewed from the perspective of the staff member.

The window can be scrolled to view the entire tree. Each name is also a link to that person’s staff profile.

Contact and Misc tabs

The Contact tab is only visible if the staff member has opted to share their contact information as described above. It contains phone and email details.
The Misc tab allows adding the employee’s ‘Work Locations’ and which languages they speak.

Leave and Illness tabs

The Leave tab displays the staff member’s holiday entitlement, how much has been used up and any pending leave requests. This is where a user would request leave and details about this are provided in the user guide, Booking and Cancelling Leave.

The Illness tab allows a user or their manager to log absences due to illness. Clicking the button, Report Illness expands the area to allow entering information about the absence in the same way as leave requests are completed. Once an illness is reported, it needs to be authorised by one of the managers. This is done by navigating to Personnel Management > Staff Absence > Reported Illnesses, clicking the magnifying glass of the user in question and then clicking, Mark Authorised in the lightbox that pops up.

Both tabs have three filters, one for the previous holiday period, one for the current one and one for the next one. The start and end dates for the organisation’s holiday periods can be adjusted in the ‘Settings’ area (navigate to Administration > Settings > System Preferences and click Leave Period).

Training tab

The training tab has two filters - Completed and Scheduled courses. This tab lists the courses assigned to the staff member and the only action available is to jump to the corresponding training event record.
The list of courses completed or scheduled can be exported in CSV format by clicking, Export Training.

Skills tab

This tab lists all the documents the staff member has been assigned to read. Detailed information about this tab is provided in the section, Viewing Skills in Staff Profiles of the user guide, Skill Management.

If the verification step has been enabled for skill confirmation tasks, The Skills tab in staff profiles provides a place where this can be done by the staff’s managers.
Skill verification is enabled in the ‘OU Preferences’ of the OU where the document resides (please refer to the Skilled Task Settings section of the Organisational Unit Preferences article).

Qualifications tab

The Qualifications tab stores all the qualifications a staff member has added or has been requested to submit. The number in brackets next to the tab title corresponds to the total number of qualifications added (whether valid or not).
The search area for this page includes Search, Status and Order Results By fields, plus a Qualification dropdown filter that only displays qualifications associated with the staff member in reference.

The results area below displays an overview of the staff member’s qualifications, including the following details: Code, Name, Status, Completed On, Expires On ("Not Set" if not applicable) and an Actions column which can show the following icons:

  • a magnifying glass icon to display the person’s record in a lightbox (pop-up window), which also contains a Changelog button to view the history of that qualification instance and lists any attachments added (only to that instance)
  • a trash/bin icon to delete the qualification instance is available when the user has the permission, Qualifications:Can Create/Edit Qualifications
  • an icon to reissue a qualification confirmation task (two arrows forming a circle), which is displayed if the current status is ‘qualified’ or ‘expired’ and there isn’t a newer version of it (pending or not)

The button, ‘Add Qualification’ allows the user or a manager to register a qualification which the user already holds. The button, ‘Create Qualification Task’ can be used by managers to request the staff member to submit one or more qualifications. Further detail about creating and assigning qualifications can be found in the user guide, Staff Qualifications.

Tests and Assessments tabs

The Tests and Assessments tabs relate to the corresponding areas in the Competency module. They collect all the exams assigned to the user and provide a place where the user can take a test which they haven’t started and also where managers can mark completed tests or perform assessments. Appropriate buttons are displayed in the Actions column when applicable.
Personnel managers (who also have the permissions, “Competency:Assign Tests” and “Competency:Assign Assessments”) can delete tests and assessments by selecting them in the lefthand column and clicking the red buttons, Delete Test or Delete Assessment accordingly.
The lists of tests and assessments can be exported in CSV format by clicking the button, Export Results in the respective tabs.

For additional information on competency tests and assessments, please refer to the user guide, Competency Exams.

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