- Simple View

Simple View


Simple View provides streamlined access to routine sections of iPassport, leaving most structural and organisational procedures out of the way. This makes it much easier to navigate and complete tasks with minimal training for those users who don’t need to get involved in the management of the system. High end users will also find it practical for quick access and reference. It is especially friendly when using mobile devices, with less information to fit into a smaller screen.


The sidebar has a toggle button at the bottom which will either display, ‘Simple View’ or ‘Detailed View’ depending on the current view and offering the alternate one. The change is immediate and doesn’t require logging out and back in again. This setting should persist between sessions so that the same view pops up next time the user logs in.

When in Detailed View : When in Simple View:

Availability of this feature can be controlled globally from the Settings in the Administration area or individual by individual, in the Users records within the Administration area (please see Simple View Management).

Simple View Management

To globally enable or disable the feature (for everyone across the account):

  1. Go to Administration > Settings > System Preferences > Miscellaneous Settings
  2. Tick or untick the checkbox next to Enable Simple View, according to your preference
  3. Click Save

When disabled, only the fully populated Detailed View will be available and the button on the sidebar will disappear.

To limit a specific user to only use Simple View:

  1. Go to Administration > Users > Search Users (find the user)
  2. Select the row of the user to open the user’s details page
  3. Click the edit (pencil) icon under Limit User to Simple View?
  4. Tick the checkbox to prevent the user from switching to Detailed View
  5. Click Save