- Examiner Settings (Adv. Settings)

Assessments always require an examiner to perform them, since the object is to evaluate staff members’ competency when carrying out a task.

  • Examiners can be added or removed after the assessment template is published.
  • The number in parenthesis next to the title indicates how many examiners have been appointed. If none have been selected, it will say, “Examiner Settings(0)”.
  • Only eligible examiners with appropriate permissions within the relevant OUs appear in the search list.
  • Nominated Examiners will receive task notifications to perform the assessments.
  • Anyone with permission to perform the assessment will see the button, Perform Assessment under the Actions column for that assessment.
  • Other staff not nominated, but with assessor status within the appropriate OU, will also have the opportunity to perform the assessments but won’t receive task notifications.
  • Only one person can actually perform the assessment.
  • Once an assessment is performed, tasks will become invalid and the Perform Assessment button will disappear from the assessment.

Setting Examiners

Examiner Settings Expanded

To appoint examiners for an assessment:

  1. Click Examiner Settings to expand the area
  2. Click the edit (pencil) icon under Examiner(s) to edit examiners list
  3. Click the Filter area at the top of the search tool and start typing the name of the examiner
  4. Scroll down the list below to find them
  5. Tick the checkbox next to the selected assessor(s)
  6. Click Save

Selected assessors will be listed under Examiner Settings and the number selected will appear in parenthesis.

Examiner Settings Finished

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