- Configure Publishing Workflows

Configuring Document Publishing workflows

The Publishing Settings button opens a lightbox where a publishing workflow can be assigned to the document. It is also possible to set publishing workflows outside of a document even before it’s created. Please refer to the user guide, Workflows for further details about available options to assign workflows and also about how to create global and custom workflows.

When no publishing workflow has been assigned, the lightbox field, Publishing Workflow will display the option, ‘None (manual authorisation)’. Clicking the field unfolds a dropdown menu which also offers a Custom Workflow and all available publishing workflows for the document’s OU.

An available publishing workflow can be selected or a local custom workflow can be created. In both cases it is necessary to Save changes before closing the lightbox.
If there was no publishing workflow assigned before, the Authorise Document and Request Authorisation buttons will be replaced with the button, Start Publishing Workflow.

Not Using Publishing Workflows

It is perfectly acceptable to not use publishing workflows and just use the basic Authorise or Request Authorisation buttons to publish a document. The next article covers this option.

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