Viewing and Assigning Assessments

Viewing Assessments

Assessments are assessment templates which have been assigned to one or more members of staff. You can only view assessments if you have the appropriate permissions and only within your OU scope.
All assessments can be viewed, whether past or pending.

There are two paths to find an assessment - in the Competency area or in the Staff Profiles, by individuals:

Search in Competency

To view any assigned assessments, click Competency > Assessments > List Assessments. There are 9 available search filters to help locate any record, in addition to the free text Search field. Four of them are hidden by default to provide more screen space below and they can be revealed by clicking the Advanced Search bar under the 5 main filters. The bar toggles between v Advanced Search and ^ Hide Advanced Search.

The search facility items are:

  • Search field
    You can type the name of the assessment or a candidate in this field. Partial entries will start filtering down the search.

Main filters:

  • Status
    Select from:
    • ‘Blank’ - all statuses
    • Failed
    • Passed
    • Not started
    • Expired
  • Candidate
    A dropdown menu offers a list of candidates. You can jump to the candidate by typing the first few letters of their name.
  • Assessor
    A dropdown menu offers a list of nominated assessors for assigned assessments.
  • Organisational Unit (OU)
    You can leave blank to search all OUs or select one from the list, sorted alphabetically. Only OUs that the user has permission to view assessments in, will be revealed. You can also type the first few letters to jump to the desired OU.
  • Order Results By
    Select from:
    • Date Assigned (Z-A)
    • Date Assigned (A-Z)
    • Candidate Name (A-Z)
    • Candidate Name (Z-A)
    • Status (A-Z)
    • Status (Z-A)

Advanced Filters:

  • Category
    A dropdown menu offers a list of categories used in assigned assessments.
  • Date
    A dropdown menu offers the choice of Assigned or Completed, to be used together with the following date fields.
  • is after
    A start date can be selected from the pop up calendar.
  • is before
    An end date can be selected from the pop up calendar to define a search range.

Search in Staff Profiles

To view a staff member’s assessments, follow these steps:
1. Personnel Management > Staff Profiles > Search Staff
2. Find the user, open their staff profile by clicking their row in the search results
3. Click the Assessments tab to view that staff member’s assessments.

- If you are an eligible assessor, any pending assessments that you can perform will have a Perform Assessment button in the Actions column.
- In both areas, assessments can be selected (by ticking the checkbox next to them, or in bulk by ticking the checkbox on the top) and deleted by clicking Delete Assessment.
- Results can be exported in CSV format by clicking Export Results.

Assigning Assessments

Assessments can be assigned by staff who have the right permissions and OU scope. To assign an assessment, go to Competency > Assessments > Assign Assessments or click the add (“+”) sign next to Assessments.

View Assessments


  1. Go to the Assign Assessments tab.
  2. Select the Assessment Template to assign. You can use the search filter by typing the name of the assessment. Partial entries will start filtering down the search. Click anywhere in the row of the desired assessment and it will appear in the field below, Title.
  3. Select the candidates for the assessment by either,
    • Adding them one by one, by ticking the box left of their name in, Assign test to Staff Member(s)
    • Adding them in groups by selecting one or more distribution lists from, Assign test to Distribution List(s)
  4. Select a Due Date by clicking inside the text box and choosing a date (in the future) from the calendar tool that pops up.
  5. Click Create Assessments

To learn how assessments are performed, please see, Performing Assessments