- Risk Assessments

Risk Assessments

Creating Risk Assessments

Risk Assessments can be created in two ways:

  • from an Assessment Configuration, which provides a blank form with no information or risks added,
  • or from an Assessment Template, which will carry information in the ‘Overview’ section and pre-loaded risks, ready to be scored.

To create a risk assessment:

  1. Click the ‘Create New Assessment’ button

  2. Select an OU for the assessment, this will load related configuration templates available for that OU

  3. Select an assessment template from the dropdown field, ‘Use Template’, if available

  4. Otherwise, select a published assessment configuration from the dropdown field, ‘Assessment Config’

    A form builds in the lower part of the screen once a selection is made for one of the two options above. The fields included will be those which were added in the ‘Overview’ tab of the source assessment configuration.

  5. Enter a Name for the risk assessment

    At this point, the ‘create’ button becomes available and the risk assessment record can be created.

  6. The Index can be generated by the system or, clicking the gear/cog icon next to the field will allow entering an index manually

  7. Select one or more Owners from the dropdown list of iPassport users

  8. Enter or select information in the other fields included in the form which was loaded if appropriate; it can also be entered later, when the assessment is being performed

  9. Click ‘Create’ to finish and save the new assessment

Performing Risk Assessments

Risk assessments open to the Risks tab by default, where a list of risks can be added to build the assessment.

Risks Tab

Any number of risks can be added to an assessment which can then be saved as an assessment template. New assessments created from the template will then have a collection of risks available so they don’t need to be created again.

Instructions on creating risks are found in the Creating a Risk record section.

Clicking the row of a risk in the table will open the risk record where it can be edited or deleted.
As more risks are added, their score is displayed on the matrix and the table can be adjusted as required, using the tools described in the Risks Table Tab Configuration section.

Clicking any score on the risk matrix will filter the table to display risks in the same score range.

Overview Tab

The ‘Overview’ tab, can be revisited and edited at any time.
The fields available are those which were added in the assessment configuration’s ‘Overview Tab’.
The configuration used is quoted in the field, ‘Using Risk Config:’.
The content is editable but the fields can’t be re-configured at this stage.

There is a Save button always present in the bottom right corner of the screen to save progress at any time.
Unsaved changes in risk assessment forms are stored by the system to help prevent accidental loss of data.
When a form with unsaved changes is re-opened, a banner is displayed near the top with buttons which allow restoring or discarding the changes.

Each field also has buttons to restore or discard local changes.

Restored changes still need saving or they will be lost.

Deleting a Risk Assessment

The Overview tab is where the button, Delete Risk Assessment can be found. Clicking it, brings up a confirmation dialogue box.

Saving an Assessment as a Template

The Overview tab is also where the button, Save as Template can be found. Please go to the article,Risk Assessment Templates for more information.

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