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The collapsible sidebar groups several tabs which previously reduced the available screen area on the right-hand side. It also includes the Simple View option, which switches to a display tailored for users who are only visiting to perform assigned tasks, to consult a document or who are using a mobile device to access iPassport.
When using a mobile device, the behaviour changes slightly. The sidebar will collapse whenever possible to provide more screen area. On a computer browser, the sidebar will remain open/expanded to facilitate navigating through search results, tasks or history items. There is enough space to compress the main window and allow room for the expanded sidebar.

Collapsed Sidebar: Expanded Sidebar in computer browser: Expanded Sidebar in mobile device:

A brief description of each tab with links to related articles follows:


It hardly needs explaining, it’s so intuitive and simple. Clicking Favourites expands the sidebar to show any records that have been marked as a favourite. Clicking any of the items listed opens the record. Documents are toggled between ‘favourite’ or not by clicking the ‘heart’ icon next to the title of the record or under the Actions column in search result pages.
The types of records that can be marked as favourites are:

  • From the Quality Management menu: Checklists, Standards, Internal Audits, External Audits, Non Compliances, Complaints
  • From the Laboratory Records menu: Controlled Documents, Equipment, Materials, Reagents, Incident Reports, Batches, Workflows
    The expanded Favourites section offers a filter by type of record. The dropdown menu only lists types that the user has as favourites.

The search facility collects information from the entire account, within the user’s access permissions. When selected, the sidebar expands and stays open till you click the close (X) button on the top right (unless you are using a mobile device). Searches are not performed until you click the magnifying glass on the right of the search field or press return on your keyboard. The search can be limited to a selected Organisational Unit in the field below the search box.
By clicking a search result, iPassport will open the corresponding link. Collapsing the sidebar doesn’t clear the search results – they will still be there if the search icon is clicked again to expand the sidebar.

My Tasks

Clicking My Tasks expands the sidebar to show any due tasks.
To access any one of these tasks simply click the item in the sidebar. On computers, the sidebar will remain open while the main screen navigates to the task area (except for Tests, which just open) and allows the user to complete the task from the ‘General’ tab. On mobile devices, the sidebar will collapse when any task is chosen, leaving more space on the main screen to work on the task.
A search facility is available by clicking the ‘filter’ icon next to “My Tasks”. This reveals two fields - a search field and a dropdown menu, which only displays the task types of any due tasks. A search term can be entered to locate a particular record but to trigger the search, the magnifying glass icon must be clicked or the keyboard ‘return’ key must be pressed. In addition, tasks can be filtered by type when clicking in the field marked, “All Task Types” and selecting an option from the dropdown menu.

For more information, please refer to the user guide, My Tasks.


This icon navigates to the Controlled Documents, Search tab area. In Simple View, this will be the only available tab. It allows users to search and access controlled documents. In Detailed View, all other tabs become available – Recently Viewed, Authorisation Requests, Due for Review, New Document and Reports.


The History tab can be turned off in MyProfile > Preferences (please see, Personal Preference Management). When the preference, Display My History is switched off, the tab disappears the next time the user logs in.

iPassport does not support the “back” button on web browsers so the history tab provides a quick way to return to previously visited areas. It stores up to 20 items.

Staff Absences

The Staff Absences icon can be turned off in MyProfile > Preferences (please see, Personal Preference Management). When the preference, Display Staff Absences (In My Department) is switched off, the icon disappears the next time the user logs in. When it’s on, the user can view a summary of absences of staff they can access in the system. Access is granted to view staff in the OUs where the user has the permissions, ‘Staff Records:View Leave’ and/or ‘Staff Records:View Illness’.
Absences are classified by, ‘Today’, ‘Tomorrow’ and ‘Next Week’.
When selected, the sidebar expands to show the results and stays open until the close (X) icon is clicked, both on computers and mobile devices.

My Profile

This tab contains several sub-menus; it’s covered in detail in the user guide, Personal Preference Management. Clicking My Profile doesn’t expand the sidebar; it opens the User Details tab in the main screen.


Simply click this icon to log out.

Simple View

The functionality and appearance of iPassport can be easily toggled between the Detailed View (with all the menus and functionality) and the Simple View (ideal for occasional users and for access from a mobile device). Not all functionality of iPassport is available in Simple View. iPassport is packed full of features and if you’re a quality manager or super user, then you’re going to want to use the Detailed View of iPassport pretty much all the time. Regular users who are tasked with taking tests, reading documents, etc., shouldn’t require training to use iPassport. In Simple View, they can log in and complete their task with minimal thought. Please refer to the user guide, Simple View for additional information.