- Create, Edit & Publish New Versions of Documents

Create, Edit & Publish New Versions of Documents

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When an existing controlled document requires updating, iPassport allows creating new versions which will be displayed together with preceding versions. The version numbers are incremented according to established settings and all the review history of each document is kept in one place. Draft versions can be compared side by side with the previous authorised versions. In contrast with entirely new documents, new versions are created with one click and they are placed together with preceding versions under the same index and title.

New versions of documents always start as drafts which can be updated within iPassport with its online editor or by uploading new versions created externally. Further reviews can be requested to seek approval of changes made. Once the document is deemed ready, an authorisation and publishing process can be triggered so the document is compliant with local regulations before it goes into circulation.

The publishing process can use workflows like those used for review processes. This provides a way to request authorisation from multiple users in a certain order, following the internal hierarchy of the organisation. The publishing workflows can include a final approval step which is task driven so it’s not easily overlooked.

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