- Distribution Lists

Distribution Lists


Distribution Lists act as a shortcut when assigning tasks to multiple users. When the same individuals are involved in the same tasks, rather than picking them individually every time, a distribution list can be used to select them all in one click.

In most cases, tasks assigned through a distribution list will only be issued to the distribution list’s members at that point in time. The same tasks won’t be automatically generated for users added to the distribution list afterwards.

There are two exceptions:

  • when distribution lists are added for repeated use in the Settings, Competency, Reagents and Materials areas, and
  • when they are used to populate the list of members of a skilled group.
    In this case, the system will record that a given distribution list was used and it will link it to the skilled group. Subsequently, if users are added or removed in the distribution list, they will also be added or removed in the list of staff members of the skilled group. More detail is available in the section Distribution Lists used in Skilled Groups.


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