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My Tasks


The My Tasks area of iPassport allows the user to see all of their tasks in one clear area and navigate to the related record from there as well. When in Detailed View, it can be accessed in two ways – from the global menu at the top right of the screen (Tasks > My Tasks) and from the sidebar. In Simple View, it is only available from the sidebar.
When using a computer browser, the sidebar can remain open when the task is performed; this allows the user to then simply click the next task in their list, deal with it and save time having to search for the following one. On a mobile device browser, the sidebar hides after selecting a task to provide more screen space but it can easily be opened again by clicking, My Tasks.
All the user’s tasks are listed here and they are ordered by due date. Each task is clearly labelled as to what its function is e.g., Read, Feedback, Mark, etc. The sidebar automatically shows up to 15 tasks and if the user has more pending, there is a “show more” button at the bottom of the list to view them.


The only permissions required here are those that govern the record where the task originated; all users automatically have access My Tasks.

Using My Tasks from the Sidebar

Operating My Tasks from the sidebar is really simple; all the user has to do is click the icon.

Clicking My Tasks expands the sidebar to reveal the user’s list of pending tasks.

To access any one of these tasks simply click the item in the sidebar. If using a computer, when a user clicks a task, it is highlighted and the sidebar remains open while the system navigates to the relevant section (except for Tests and Assessments, which just open) and allows the user to complete the task in the main area. On mobile devices, the sidebar will collapse to provide more screen space but the behaviour is otherwise the same.

Once the task has been completed it is highlighted in green in the My Tasks sidebar.

Tasks highlighted in green… …as they get completed

The completed tasks in the sidebar remain there until it is either refreshed using the refresh button at the top of the sidebar or it is closed and reopened, which forces it to refresh. On mobile devices, as the sidebar collapses automatically, these events happen behind the scenes.

Whilst open the sidebar allows the user to simply navigate to the next task in the list and so on.

It is possible to have multiple tasks for the one document; these would be listed in the sidebar and the document header.

Above shows a Review Due task and a Read task (skill), both issued to a user for the same document.

By clicking the relevant button, the user can complete the tasks.

It is important to note that if the user authorises a new version of a controlled document via a compulsory review task in the ‘General’ tab while the sidebar is open then the sidebar closes and refreshes itself.

Searching for Tasks in the Sidebar

Two filters are available to help find tasks - a search field and a dropdown menu, which only displays the task types of any due tasks. A search term can be entered to locate a particular record but to trigger the search, the magnifying glass icon must be clicked or the keyboard ‘return’ key must be pressed. In addition, tasks can be filtered by type when clicking in the field marked, “All Task Types” and selecting an option from the dropdown menu.