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The My Tasks areas of iPassport allow users to see and manage all of their tasks in one place. There are two locations where My Tasks can be accessed. The left sidebar feature provides quick access and easy completion of tasks, while the Tasks module in the global menu provides further detail and options.

When in Detailed View, My Tasks can be accessed in both ways – from the global menu at the top right of the screen (Tasks > My Tasks) and from the left sidebar menu.
In Simple View it is only available from the sidebar.

The left sidebar access to My Tasks is designed to facilitate completion of tasks without having to navigate around the system. It’s perfect for basic or busy users to log in and clear their duties rapidly.

All the user’s tasks are listed here and they are ordered by due date. Each task’s function is clearly labelled (e.g., Read, Review Feedback, Mark, etc.). The sidebar automatically shows up to 15 tasks and if the user has more pending, there is a “show more” button at the bottom of the list to view them.

Two types of items included in the sidebar My Tasks contents are not actually tasks. They are added here because they help ensure document reviews are not ignored - ‘Review Due’ and ‘Authorisation Request’ reminders.

  • Users who have been added to the notification list in document reviews will see ‘Review Due’ reminders in the sidebar My Tasks area. They display an information (ℹ) icon to identify them. Document owners don’t see ‘Review Due’ items in the My Tasks list on the sidebar; they get assigned tasks to react to any change requests instead.
  • Users who have been requested to authorise a document will see ‘Authorisation Request’ reminders in this area too. They display a pencil (✎) icon to identify them.

For more detail on the sidebar My Tasks area, please move on to the article, My Tasks - Sidebar Quick Access.

The My Tasks tab accessed from the global menu offers four filters, one for general tasks and three for high level document review activities:

  • The Tasks filter lists all tasks
  • The Documents Due For Review filter lists the same ‘information’ items which appear in the sidebar with the title, ‘Review Due’ ; as stated above, these are not tasks
  • The Documents to Authorise filter lists any change requests for the user logged in; as stated above, these are not tasks either
  • The Documents to Approve filter lists ‘review approval’ tasks assigned to the user logged in, to sign off documents which have been reviewed without any changes

These areas are covered in more detail in the article, My Tasks - Global Menu Area.


The only permissions required here are those that govern the record where the task originated; all users automatically have access to My Tasks. In other words, any task can be assigned to any user but they must have permission to access the corresponding record in order to complete the task.


The following articles look at each of the two areas where My Tasks can be accessed:

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